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RAS is the major exam for the administration services of Rajasthan state. The exam is conducted every year with the help of UPSC. RAS coaching classes Jaipur is also available from IIIASA to the aspirants. Here are some crucial points that students need to know for the preparation of RAS. Go through these important points about the RAS exam before starting your preparation seriously. You will get an idea about the pattern, syllabus and preparation ideas for this prestigious exam of RAS.

Latest Pattern of RAS Exam

The exam of RAS is mainly divided into three main stages or phase. The first phase is of prelims exam in which questions from history, economics, Geography, analytical skills and current affairs are asked. There are total 150 questions in the prelims exam for 200 marks. The prelim is only for the purpose of screening the students for mains.IAS prelims coaching classes Jaipur by IIIASA is considered as best for the preparation. Students are prepared in such a way that they do not find any difficulty while solving the paper. Those who are pursuing their preparation for the exam of RAS can take help from IIIASA to increase the chances of their selection. Mains exam is the next stage after prelims which is divided into four papers of general studies. These four papers are based on the subjects like History, Polity, Geography, Economics, and Ethics etc. Final step is Interview in which students have to ensure their success to become civil servant. The prelim is of objective type while mains exam is descriptive in nature.

Preparation of General Studies Paper for RAS Mains Exam

General studies paper are four in number to complete the mains exam of RAS. All the four papers of general studies in mains exam are comprises of questions related to History, Geography, Polity and many other major subjects. All these papers are descriptive in nature and thus critical skills are required from the students to solve this paper.RAS general studies coaching classes are given in Jaipur by IIIASA. Teachers who are guiding the students for writing mains exam of RAS are experienced and trained in their respective subjects. As a consequence of which there are more chances of success by taking help from such teachers. Join IIIASA and quench your thrust for knowledge to crack RAS exam easily.

Significant Tips to Crack RAS Exam

There are some important tips mentioned below to crack the RAS exam with high probability of selection.

  1. Go through the syllabus with every single detain and memorize it by heart.
  2. Know the pattern of the exam by paying great attention
  3. Keep your doubts clear regarding important concepts and topics of exam.
  4. Make a proper time management system, so that your time could be saved from getting waste in other insignificant things.
  5. Take coaching in Hindi medium if you are comfortable in that language; do not follow English just because others are doing that.

These are some major tips that every aspirant of RAS should follow. IIIASA is providing separate RAS classes for both English and Hindi medium students. It is very significant for those who have a good comfort level with Hindi language.

How the Preparation of RAS differs to IAS

Though the syllabus of both IAS and RAS resembles with each other very prominently but still the pattern has huge differences. The exam of RAS has only four papers in mains if we not include the language papers of Hindi and English. On the other hand there are seven papers in IAS apart from two languages paper. There is no optional subject paper in RAS, whereas for IAS mains students are supposed to attempt two papers of optional subject. There is no sign of essay exam in RAS unlike IAS, where an essay paper is compulsory for the students. Students can take the help for both IAS as well as RAS exam preparation from IIIASA in Jaipur to become successful in the exam.