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Geography as a subject, is scientific and multidisciplinary in nature. It strengthens the understanding to study about the Earth and also emphasizes on other dimensions such as economy, polity, culture and society as a whole. This subject has a huge potential to address the various problems and issues existing in world and our country.
Geography, having inclination towards science, enjoys major affinity among the civil services aspirants. This is due to its maximum overlapping with General Studies paper, i.e; GS 1 and GS-3 in both Mains and Prelims exam. It is most demanded and opted option in Civil Services Exam. Every year Geography as an optional is chosen by lot of aspirants that evidently conveys the prolific results. In 2015, Ira Singhal (4th Rank), 2016 – Saumya Pandey (4th Rank), 2017 – Pratham Kaushik (5th Rank), 2018 – Junaid Ahmed (3rd Rank) and 2020 – Mangesh Kumar (4th Rank).
Given the lucid content, sectional division and to the point approach towards the IAS Syllabus makes this optional as a top priority among the aspirants. It gives ample scope to the aspirants to endeavor in the map making, flow chart diagrams and reduces the possibility of using more words.
This makes the answers more pictorial and accessible to the examiner which opens the scope for attraction of marks in paper.
The current trends in Civil Services Exam gives focus more to the comprehensive map reading and its wide applications. This is done to address the issues across world while being considerate towards not only topography but its economy, society, polity and culture. The interlinkages between the static portion and current affairs adds on the longing to uptake this optional.
Thus, Geography optional provides an extensive opportunity in not just clearing the exam but its prominence will be there in taking best decisions as officers.


CSE Syllabus of Geography Download Now !


At IIIASA, we believe that the best of the technology can be a servant only to a good teacher. A scientific methodology of teaching necessarily involves a simple and rhythmic movement from the basic to the applied aspect of the subject matter be it the Polity, Economy, Geography, Science and others. It is about imparting the required tools of analysis and to give shape to the thought process of the students based on vivid explanation and diagrammatic presentation of the theme on the screen. As a part of the evolved process, the focus is always on calibrating students with the ability

  1. To develop scientific temperament to appreciate things and situations with a more stable intellectual disposition.
  2. To strike fine balance between conflicting interests and values to reach a meaningful conclusion.
  3. To develop an insatiable quest to understand and appreciate the world around us.
  4. To think, to organize one’s thoughts and to give expression to the same with due relevance, clarity and precision.

As a part of the policy, various subjects in General Studies are taken up in sequential fashion so that students develop a more integrated and cohesive understanding of the subject at one go. But current affairs are discussed on regular basis.


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