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General Studies constitute the most important component in the scheme of Civil Services Examination which has a very prolific reflection in Prelims as well as Main examination and it brings within its purview various subjects like History, Geography, Economy, Polity and Governance, Science & Technology, Ethics, Current affairs and others. It is expected of the candidates to have reasonably good understanding of these subjects with an ‘inter disciplinary’ approach. It is not only about collecting knowledge and information on various subjects but also developing a thought process to examine and comment on different dimensions of the subject matter in question. Therefore, the Foundation Course has been designed to cover the syllabus of General Studies in a comprehensive manner with focus on theoretical as well as applied aspects. The stronger the basic understanding of the subjects, the better will be the performance in dealing with current developments. The movement of the course is meticulously designed to begin with basic understanding of the concepts, terms and terminologies to be steered into the more complex dynamics of interdependencies defining local to global scenario.

Duration of The Course

It takes almost ten to eleven months to cover the syllabus of General studies in the institute. Afterwards students are advised to go for consolidation of what they have learnt and they are allowed to come and consult the teachers in case any problem arises. They can take tests in individual capacity as well to get their performance evaluated.


At IIIASA, we believe that the best of the technology can be a servant only to a good teacher. A scientific methodology of teaching necessarily involves a simple and rhythmic movement from the basic to the applied aspect of the subject matter be it the Polity, Economy, Geography, Science and others. It is about imparting the required tools of analysis and to give shape to the thought process of the students based on vivid explanation and diagrammatic presentation of the theme on the screen. As a part of the evolved process, the focus is always on calibrating students with the ability

  1. To develop scientific temperament to appreciate things and situations with a more stable intellectual disposition.
  2. To strike fine balance between conflicting interests and values to reach a meaningful conclusion.
  3. To develop an insatiable quest to understand and appreciate the world around us.
  4. To think, to organize one’s thoughts and to give expression to the same with due relevance, clarity and precision.

As a part of the policy, various subjects in General Studies are taken up in sequential fashion so that students develop a more integrated and cohesive understanding of the subject at one go. But current affairs are discussed on regular basis.


It is very simple to take admission. A candidate after filling up the form online ………..

click here or offline , by filling up the form in the institute itself can take admission. Please follow these steps.

What do you need to take admission?

  1. Download the form
  2. Collect two passport sized photographs
  3. A copy of I card viz. Aadhar card, Licence, Passport etc.

Steps to be followed

  1. Fill up the form.
  2. Affix your photograph
  3. Make the payment

Note: In case of any problem, just write to us at the WhatsApp No…………..or make a call on the same.

Fee Structure

The General Studies Foundation Course in totality costs 1 Lac 18 thousand (including GST) which is paid in lumpsum. But if required by some students in the given situation, it can be paid in three instalments where in the first installment can not be less than Rs. 40000/.