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The landslide victory of BJP and the thumping endorsement of Modi’s model of Good Governance amid so much of noise, claims, counter claims,allurements and allegations all put together has revealed the otherwise invisible political under currents with great futuristic implications.
Firstly, common people are not so much common any more in terms of political maturity. They are better informed than ever regarding their priorities and expectations.
Secondly, a process seems to have begun and gaining momentum to dismantle the edifice of politics resting on non developmental, divisive and regressive doctrinal bases of secularism, subsidy, social justice, son of soil, suicide and others. People are now looking for more of a fact based administration with much greater focus on transparency, honesty,efficiency and accountability. They are being increasingly aspirational on more concrete lines. They want job, better law and order conditions, socio- economic infrastructure and progressive legislations to eliminate discriminative socio cultural and religious practices and more which can hardly be met with by the traditional brand of politics anchored on the ground of unquestionable loyalty emanating from emotional springs of caste,class,religion,region,unfounded fear and forlorn hope.
Thirdly, Uttar pradesh has set an example by hammering the demeaning, disrespectful and caste centric paradigm of politics to make way for a development centric model. All analysis and anticipation based on social engineering failed miserably.
It is not necessary that the same pattern will be reflected in all states but sooner or later it is going to bring an all pervasive change.

They listened to everyone, shared laughter, sang in chorus, shouted slogans for the leaders walked along the cavalcade and what not….but finally slapped the undeserving ones to dust.
Fourthly, people have rejected the doctrine of Doctor patient relationship wherein people are treated as chronic patients and the Government as the doctor destined to deliver and keep delivering anti biotics to deal with the symptoms of disease like poverty,illiteracy, malnutrition to mention a few, without any concern to eliminate its roots.
People are showing inclination for an honest and enterprising Government having strong will power and decisiveness to hit the problems in its roots.That’s why, despite all provocations and incitement from opposition parties, people across the country stood firmly behind their Prime Minister when he moved ahead for de monetisation or to conduct surgical strikes.
Fifthly, people have punished those who instead of pursuing any productive and progressive agenda towards change and development, follow a negative and prohibitive agenda in the name of state,its people, democracy,secularism etc.

If the trend continues in other states as well, political parties will have to fall in line with a development oriented change in their ideology and action. And that will gradually lead to the establishment of a truly democratic and welfare state.
A vibrant and sustained reciprocal communication based on mutual trust and confidence between Government and its citizens not only pushes the unworthy intermediaries on the periphery but also extends lot of scope for experiments and enterprise which is so crucial for transformational changes in society.

Sajjan Pratap Singh
Director, IIIASA