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Following the detailed investigation conducted by ‘Amnesty International‘ ‘and the shocking revelations made by it which testifies with ‘shouting evidences’ as to how mercilessly the Rohingyas (seeking refuge and the consequent settlement in India on humanitarian grounds today ) slaughtered and buried the innocent children and women of many Hindu families - all political parties, civil society activists and even honorable Judges of the Supreme Court talking tall about Art 21 (Right to life and personal liberty) and the imperatives of applying humanitarian ‘prism’ to see the plight of Rohingyas have gone for ‘summer vacation’.

Did this matter really warrant intervention of the Supreme Court?

Would it not be appropriate for the Supreme Court to respect the jurisdictional space of Executive government so that this matter could be dealt with more aptly through a multi dimensional analysis keeping national interest uppermost in mind?

Given the report submitted by our intelligence agencies that a substantial number of Rohingyas have connection with ISIS and they belong to the same barbaric and uncouth ‘ideological fraternity’, was it appropriate for the political parties to express solidarity with Rohingyas riding piggy back on the Supreme Court's uncalled for intervention through the instrumentality of Art 21?

Thanks to the mess created by the concerned stake holders, Rohingyas have not only got settled in different parts of the country, they are also being used as a potential tool by the separatists forces to hit our armed forces in the valley and to change the demographic profile of areas in Jammu, border districts of West Bengal, Assam and others.

No political leadership or judiciary in a country has the right to assume such a high moral and ethical ground in governance the price of which is required to be paid by people through their nose.

We, the people of India, despite abundant resources gifted by the Mother Nature are not what we should have been because we ‘inter alia’ lack good political sense traditionally.

This is just one of the many instances including the gross injustice done to ‘Kashmiri Pandits’ which establishes as to how in the name of ‘secularism’ and democracy the majority community (Hindus) and their interests are being pushed on the margins and at some places they are being mentally conditioned by the state actors to live as ‘second citizens’ (West Bengal can be a good case study). The increasingly effervescent and highly volatile socio-cultural and political environment in our country, particularly in the last four years of Modi- Government speaks more particularly about what had been happening over the years preceding the last four. The ‘super- secular’ lot consisting of many political parties, candle bearer -white clothed activists, the Bishops (latest to join the bandwagon) and their media partners have been expressing concern over the dangers of rising ‘Hindu Rashtravad’ in Hindustan. But none of such self- proclaimed ‘conscience keepers’ of our democracy has shown any willingness to reflect on the root cause of such upheaval.

A deep objective analysis of recent developments with a little historical sense can give us ample justification for what led to our sustained slavery for more than 700 years under Islamic rulers and then the British government. The much popular ’divide and rule' policy of the British government is a myth. Actually, we were never united and the proponents of ‘two nation’ theory were only making effort to give a more ‘concrete’ shape to an already divided society broadly polarized into native Hindus and Muslims who despite living together for more than 500 years before the advent of Company rule could not even develop between them what we call 'inter dining' and 'inter community social mobility' which is so common in any society.

In a way that divergent evolution of two communities is still in progress with few exceptions. We have such a slavish mentality or we have been so badly ‘miseducated’ under some grand conspiratorial arrangement that we being a majority community that define India as a distinct cultural entity on this planet having an unhindered cultural legacy of more than 5000 years, do fear asserting our identity because ethical norms governing our conduct as a citizen of this secular country discourages expression of words and symbols related to Hinduism. If you really want to be ‘super secular, in approach, you need to develop ability to abuse your own Vedic religion and to doubt everything associated with Hinduism. That’s why, the lord Rama enjoys the rare distinction of being the only deity of any religion in the world fighting an unending legal battle to retrieve its birth place dismantled and overpowered long ago by Muslim invaders.

But, we should not forget the basic rules of nature that is ‘every imperfection, hypocrisy and lies die of its own weight or invoke from external environment the forces for its own dismantlement’. The sun, the moon and the truth can be eclipsed but cannot be eliminated.

There is something known as ‘cosmic logic’ which operate things from above on a different scale of time space and rationality with proper application of ‘correctives’ not always discernable to common mind. Every falsehood and injustice done by any individual or community keep revolving in the space and at an appropriate time comes back to us with ‘astounding accuracy’ very much like a game of boomerang.

It seems that the time has come for the application of such correctives to the misdeeds of such actors and agencies who for long, in the name of secularism, have kept on doing everything to gradually debilitate and dilute the core character and identity of this country which is ‘inconceivable’ without Hindus, Hinduism, Hindutva and Hindu dharm (our ‘dharma’ is different from the religion of the west) in its centre which has ‘in- built’ capacity to accommodate any amount of ‘pluralism’ as proved by the history of India. It would be pertinent here to reflect on the origin and evolution of Hinduism which has been able to retain its pristineness for more than 5000 years sustaining the ‘ruthless’ sword of Muslim invaders and the guns of British imperialism and colonialism.

The ancient Persians in whose language the letter ‘sa’ got morphed into ‘ha’ used to call this great land of the river Sindhu (Indus) as ‘Hindustan’ and its people as Hindus and their religion as ‘Hindu dharma’

It is not possible to locate its point of origin but there is no doubt that the Hindu religion is founded on the spiritual and philosophical doctrines of the ‘Vedas’ and the ‘pattern of living’ evolved and practiced by the Aryans who are undoubtedly associated with Ganga, Gangetic valley and the great Vedic culture which -put together – constitute the core of what is known as Hinduism. In Hindu tradition, it is more appropriately called ‘sanatana dharma’ a religion which is very ancient and comprises of eternal values (sanatana = ancient and eternal).

And therefore, all religions of Indian origin whether it is Jainism, Buddhism or Sikhism can be said to have evolved from the roots of Hinduism only based either on the intellectual protest against Vedic religion or the endorsement of the same with some ritualistic and ideological differentiation on the periphery. The ‘doctrinal foundation’ of any religion of Indian origin can hardly claim originality beyond the spiritual and philosophical ‘expanse’ of Hinduism. Further, dharma’ in the context of Hinduism is much broader a concept than religion in Christianity.

The word ‘dharma’ in the context of Hinduism connotes that which supports the universe (dhr – to support) and means in the ultimate analysis the ‘god himself’.

We, in Hinduism, believe that there can be more than one ‘spiritual path’ and discipline to reach that sacrosanct zone of ‘dharma’ or god sitting in the centre. And all such disciplines based on bhakti, gyan, karm, or tantra hold potential for spiritual upliftment to the realization of God.

In togetherness, they define what is known as Hindu dharma or sanatana dharma.

Hinduism, unlike other religions of the world is impersonal in nature and it did not originate with any single prophet or saint. It is not based on any one sacrosanct literature like Bible and Quran.Hinduism is founded on the ‘super conscious’ experiences and spiritual realization of a galaxy of saints and sages who encapsulated their knowledge, wisdom and perception of life in shlokas and mantras.

Hinduism, therefore, like the river Ganga, has been flowing consistently for several millennia. That's why it is known as Santana dharma.

It is a fact and not a matter of diverse interpretation that Hinduism and its followers have never been aggressors and much before the advent of Islam and Christianity, Hinduism had assumed a definite doctrinal shape and moral foundation governing the life of people not only in India but in many neighboring countries as well.

But perhaps a part of the world, still groping in darkness, was not so much evolved in terms of spiritual strength and ethics to understand the integrative philosophy behind ‘VASUDHEV KUTUMBAKAM’. The consequence was death and destruction of the kind never seen before in the land of ‘Maa Ganga’. We have ‘irrefutable’ evidences to prove how the tens of hundreds of learned Brahmans were dragged out of home by Muslim invaders and were slaughtered without mercy simply because they refused to accept Islam; temples were brought down as a part of state policy and the ‘deities’ ensconced in the sanctum sanctorum for centuries were defiled and broken into pieces to build steps approaching the mosque. The brand Christianity too did the same to Hinduism but in a more sophisticated manner with a long term agenda to gradually supplant Hindu religion and to expand the social base of British rule in India. But thanks to the strength of our core culture, these plunderers could not shake the foundation of Hinduism and ended up, no doubt, damaging its edifice.

..................but see the resiliency, Hinduism remains in continuance with all its pristineness and will remain so.

The religions of foreign origin like Islam, Christianity and others have proliferated in Hindustan by the ways and means which can be called dastardly and despicable by all standards of ethics. The St. Xavier in whose name we have many schools and colleges in India was responsible for the wholesome massacre of Hindus particularly Gaud Saraswat Konkani Brahmans who were forced to leave Goa. Indians had not experienced the barbaric bigots like Gazani, Gauri, Babur, Aurangzeb who in the name of religion did not hesitate at all in killing innocent children and women and much to the disgruntlement of humanity on this planet they are still alive through their equally diabolical successors who manufacture and supply terror in different parts of the world.

Hinduism has had to pay a huge price on account of its liberal, humane and non- militant orientation to the world but interestingly, the same liberalism is responsible for its unhindered sustenance and dynamism.

It goes to the credit of Hindus that despite all atrocities committed on them for centuries in a land of their own, they have been practicing secularism as an integral part their culture and tradition. Thus Hindus are secular not because of Constitution but their age old tradition.

…………………………………………..and today, they talk about secularism, democracy and ‘bhagwa atankwad’.

The limits seem to have been crossed and Hindus in many states have been effectively pushed on margins as second citizens for all practical purposes and they live in fear. At some places efforts are on to change the demographic profile of the areas to the detriment of Hindus.

Priyanka chopra came up with lorry loads' of tears to lament over the plight of Rohingyas but not a drop of her so precious tears was dropped for the children of Hindu families whom Rohingyas killed and buried like......

See the quintessential hypocrisy at its best -- the honorable Supreme Court has admitted a petition seeking direction to the government not to kill stray dogs but the same court has not been able to steer a little activism towards Kashmiri pundits (5 lacks) who have been living as refugees in their own country for decades, thrown out of their homes mercilessly.

But the court in its wisdom applies the prism of Art 21 with all humanitarian values to see that illegally infiltrated Rohingyas having close affinity with ISIS are not done injustice to.

What has been happening in Bengal under the leadership of TMC government alone is capable of exhausting the full scope of this article.

Aamir khan found it convenient to use more particularly Hinduism as an instrument to educate society that ‘koi firki le raha hai whereas the reality speaks that 'wrong no.' dial and 'firki' in its purest form can be associated with radical Islam only which has discovered the highly advanced means of transporting people to Jannat directly.

Did you ever hear him condemning Islamic firki?

But very few of us dare to speak and write what is so clearly visible because we are secular. And the height of secularism (a model discovered and practiced in India only) was reached when the theory of 'Hindu atankwad' was introduced to the world, the proponents of which are now busy inventing something new because the court has altogether rejected the theory for want of evidences. There is no end to it.

But there is a limit to which a society can be forced to evolve against its natural tendency because every act of injustice in contravention with the 'rules of nature' if not settled in time by human beings get settled by human beings only but through a far more ‘expensive correctives’ which no one would like to afford.

The so called rising Hindu nationalism, Hinduism and all that can be associated with this fraternity of ideas, anxiety and hope (if any) can be seen as the logical expression of the systematic suppression of Hindu sentiments only, thanks to the ‘religion of politics’ and ‘politics of religion’ in India.

We carry huge loads of ‘trust deficit’, fear and insecurity in heart and mind mainly because the STATE as an institution has largely failed to enforce ‘rule of law’ in letter and spirit and to instill confidence in common people that they will be treated alike with others. Law can never be an ideal justice unless those who control and run the state machinery do harbor and reflect the same in their actions. Nothing can stop the monster of communalism from growing unless all denominations of injustice, inequality or disloyalty in the name of religion is brought to an end and the administration is trained and allowed to work with due objectivity and neutrality. People should seek strength and security in administration rather than ‘religious outfits’ and ‘caste centric’ militant groups which have mushroomed all over the country with great subversive prowess to the mockery of the governments.

It is to be noted that the constitution and the Government comes from the society and if the majority in that society is made to suffer in the name of deceitful ideals devoid of justice, cheap politics, insensitivity of intelligentsia and unrestrained appeasement of minorities - no amount of constitutionalism and state authority would be able to protect society from internal fragmentation and conflict to the detriment of all.

The judgment of the Allahabad High Court clearly acknowledging (on the basis of ASI report and other literary evidences) the disputed site at Ayodhya as the ‘birth place of Lord Rama notwithstanding, the chief deity of Hindus has been made to wait for his turn because the honorable judges of the Supreme Court have far more substantive cases to be taken cognigence of and to apply their activism to.

We are told by NASA that ‘Ram setu' is a man made bridge and deserves more substantive research. we cannot marshal enough courage to make yoga, Sanskrit and bhagwat geeta a part of regular curriculum, the secular, scientific and salutary credentials of which have now been acknowledged globally and very soon it is going to testify the age old adage that 'sometimes ideas and ideologies grow better in land other than it actually originated'.

Nothing can be more shameful for us than watching Americans having developed a software in Sanskrit language which according to their scientists is the most advanced and computer friendly language and seeking patent therein; when yoga' becomes compulsory in the schools of Pakistan; the theme and content of the great intellectual work ‘Geeta’ becomes a part of syllabus to train and produce world class leaders who would drop good job packages from choppers to begging Indians youths.

It is high time we rediscover and assert ourselves with confidence to set the things correct and to regain our glorious past.

Our ancestors spent more time in unraveling ' the 'fact of awareness' (spiritual science) and our friends of west focused more on 'awareness of fact' (material science). And today, following the vivid acknowledgement of the complementarities of the two, the more educated ones are approaching each other with shining eyes to make this world a better place to be in.

We badly need to break the shackles of cultural slavery evolved over the years to recover and to give meaningful expression to the profound science of life and humanity hidden behind the smokescreen created by the horde of quacks, charlatans, black magicians and self proclaimed god messengers.

Hinduism has to grow and prosper so that secularism remains alive and ultimately a day will come when the whole world in search of lasting peace and happiness will come to adopt a life style and philosophy mooted under Hinduism that is 'The whole world is one family and all religions are nothing but equidistant radii in a circle suggesting different paths to the common centre - the great almighty.

A religion which has never demanded from its followers in its entire history to raise sword and resort to barbaric bloodshed and the worst kind of religious persecution all in the name of 'jehad', crusade etc. ; and has demanded from its followers to ‘pray’ whole heartedly for the well being of ' samast vishva' (the whole world) including all birds, animals and creatures on this planet from time immemorial; and harbors the very soul of ‘sustainable development’ in the prescribed life style for its followers; and which enjoys the distinction of delivering the most fundamental theory of all theories that -

' the whole universe is perfectly poised on pair of ‘opposite forces’ in all dimensions of life; has given a perpetually relevant science of Yoga, the joyful union of body, soul and mind which is the very basis of a happy family and society……

‘can never be in danger and can never be overcome by any known or unknown religion on this planet',notwithstanding the indifference, ignorance, insanity and inimical stance of few or many.

The Sanatana dharma firmly poised on the wheels of 'science' and 'humanity' is a self sustaining and self perpetuating process inspired by the principles of dynamism.

.................and there are some visible and invisible reasons behind its being santana.

We need to work hard and study well before you speak and write about it.

What you fail to understand for lack of scientific temperament and training is not always a mythology.

Sajjan Pratap Singh

Director, IIIASA