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Out of power, Out of mind’

Out of power, Out of mind’

‘Imperfection and hollowness has a tendency to expose itself’.
And nothing can give a more vivid and convincing expression to this age old adage than the state of affairs which define the Grand old party of India( Congress) today.
Mr Sibal and company standing on weak foundation (ethically as well as legally) withdrew their petition from the Supreme court and avoided discussion on merit.
It has been proved that some leaders of the Congress party were at work to intimidate CJI and to bring disrepute to the authority and credibility of this great institution.

They initiated the process of impeachment on the ground far away from what could reasonably attract the substance of ‘proved misbehavior and incapacity’ which the Honourable Vice President rightfully set aside following consultation with top constitutional experts of the country.
And then you move the Supreme court questioning the constitutionality of Vice President’s move to stop the process for want of merit and substance.

Mr. Sibal and team try to get a bench of their liking means judges who in their contemplation of things belong to their ideological fraternity or to be more clear the ones who discovered out of their ‘jurisprudential flair’ that instrumentality of ‘democracy in danger’ for the purpose which is secret to none.

And after all these ‘legal sleight and subterfuge’
Mr. Sibal and team decide to run away because things could not be sustained beyond that.
And he holds a press conference to lament over the ‘Independence of Judiciary’ being under jeopardy.

When education comes without ‘strength of character’ and ethics and love for your country,society, culture and religion, you end up becoming ‘KAPIL SIBAL’.

And these lawyers of Congress party are bound to take the course of ‘gradual deterioration’ of party, as initiated by Dr.Manmohan Singh to its logical destination of ‘Congress Mukt’ Bharat.

Victory and defeat keeps changing sides but it doesn’t mean that the Grand old party of India starts behaving like a sub regional local poltical outfit of hooligans having no concern for the Constitution and country.

Caught like a thief, thrashed in public, beaten up black and blue, released on bail ………..
…………and instead of going for profound introspection – they, seething in anger, frustration and humiliation – are just punching in air’ with a hope that at least a blow out of many would cause some injury to the enemy.
If you examine the pattern of response of this party in the last four years to the issues’ like Demonetisation, GST, Surgical strike, Triple talaq, Rohingyas, JNU protest, Stone pelting in Kashmir, Ram janmbhumi ( to mention a few) it becomes amply clear that the party suffers from what we call ‘Goal Displacement’.

Given the nature of politics as an Art, we can not rule out the possibility of some senior leaders of Congress party working under some clandestine quid – pro – quo’ arrangement with BJP to to steer this sinking ship to its logical dismantlement.
And while doing so, they would earn the distinction of bringing into execution what Gandhi ji wished to see on the eve of independence.

To lead a party with ‘vision and mission’ for its people is too substantive and sacrosanct a religion to be left to the manipulative and superficial ‘sorcery’ of lawyers.

The president of the party should be ‘elected’ not…………..
And that too on the basis of merit and competence to begin with.

‘God sometimes brings inexorably a series of moments of anguishments, we must learn to be able to see the rainbow in the rain’.

Sajjan Pratap Singh
Director IIIASA