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Liquor ban

The Supreme Court’s order banning sale of liquor within 500 meters of National and State Highways has invoked a wide range of response with tragicomedy flair. One of the very common sightings being the shifting of liquor shops in the residential areas with a better accessibility for all, young and old. The Governments have shown their creative imagination by recategorizing roads and highways to escape the prohibitive brunt. The crux of the matter is that the Courts should tread with more caution, restraint and anticipatory skill when they decide to embark on ancillary domain of jurisdiction. The Judiciary must acknowledge and appreciate the reality that the operational spectrum of the Executive Government is much wider and varied in nature contraposed to Judiciary which very often demands a difficult reconciliation of diverse interests on the lines not always amenable to jurisprudential sense of justice. One needs to be more careful while taking decisions the consequence of which has to be borne by others. People generally exhibit added creativity, energy and imagination in their specific area of interest. Thus, it will not pose much inconvenience to drive a little off-road or to deliver on wheels a little ahead. Therefore, the answer lies in either complete ban or better control and vigilance to stop drunken driving and dance in public places. How can a woman be a little pregnant?Sajjan Pratap Singh Director, IIIASA