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The unequivocal endorsement of India’s contention by the ICJ in the Kulbhusan’ case has exposed the hollowness of a morally deficient military state of Pakistan which left no stone unturned to give justification behind its concocted story of espionage. ‘The one who is defeated resorts to injustice’ is an adage which defines the state of Pakistan today. Given its dubious track record and the sub standard value system of any local militia, it is highly probable that it would defy the judgement of ICJ on one or other technical grounds but if it happens it would further exacerbate the already low standing of Pakistan in the comity of nations.We therefore badly need to avoid being much euphoric over the judgement and should draw the strategy for the next move.When your neighbor in 21st century draws inspiration from the barbaric bucaneers like Gori, Gajani,Chengez and Babur, you can not afford to talk Greek and Latin. The Government will have to devise ways and means to raise the cost of execution if appears as certain. Instead of preparing the text for condemnation, we need to give some kind of blood congealing theraphy involving exemplary damages on the other side of fence. This should not be mistaken as an individual’s case. Our response should be decisive and disproportionately punitive to take the equation of relationship to another level. No country can be allowed to take India for granted. We can not leave in peace unless our troublesome neighours are made to feel the heat from time to time.

Sajjan Singh
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