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"Karnataka elections"

"Karnataka elections"

What is happening in the political spectrum of Karnataka is the commonest of occurances the nation has been witnessed to, with the only exception that the party on the receiving end felt the 'pain' so much that it ended up knocking the door of Honorable Chief Justice at midnight' against whom it struggled so badly just a fortnight ago to bring 'impeachment' proceedings on the ground secret to none. The Governor while excercising his constitionally ordained discretion by inviting the single largest party to form the Government has simply followed the precedent set by those who are sreaming 'blue murder' today.
The Supreme Court needs to tread very cautiously to avoid stepping in the shoes of the Governor and by consequence assuming a 'political role' which it can hardly afford given the contemporary state of affairs. The court with some correction, if required, can rely on floor test only to restore the things to normalcy.

The problem is less about 'hung assembly' and more about 'hanging principles,ideology and law in our country.

Sajjan Singh