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Embracing or Embarrassing

Embracing or Embarrassing

Embracing or Embarrassing!

True to his character and personality he did it once again and as usual it backfired with astounding accuracy.

When you hug a person out of love and respect with an honest and uninhibited expression of emotions you never wink and you do not laugh. If you are deficient in EQ (emotional quotient) then your IQ, if high, comes to your rescue and you carry the situation to your favour. But, if you are deficient in both EQ and IQ and you run on the script written by others you become Rahul Gandhi.

He threw himself on the body of the Honourable Prime Minister without seeking that space of graceful consent for desired proximity and came out shouting that this is Hinduism.

This is certainly not the way we approach our elders if you talk about Hindu culture and tradition.

He winked and ended up exposing himself and the intent of the script writer.

The party spokespersons will remain busy for few days covering up this grand act of idiocy in a long drawn series which is in progress.

You can expect more in the days to come.