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After JNU, it is now the turn of DU to orchestrate anti- India campaign which is increasingly becoming fashionable among some sections of youth though such ignorant and displaced lot constitutes a minority only.
Yet,we can’t afford to take such developments lightly because every idea and ideology is born as a minority only in the mind of an individual before it becomes a system commanding the support of many towards a particular pattern of response, good or bad, for or against something.

Before long, we need to analyse these developments the roots of which may had gone too deep than what meets the eye on the surface.
The issue based friction and conflict between student’s union affiliated to different political parties or ideologies is not new but what is happening around today is deplorable. One after another university campus is becoming a safe Haven to nurture and promote divisive ideology and action clearly detrimental to the unity and integrity of our country.

In the name of freedom of speech and expression, a group of ethically displaced intelligentia and its ill informed followers are playing into the hands of our enemies in pursuance of their sinister designs.

The concerned authorities and teachers need to be extremely vigilant so that any anti national activities could be identified and nipped in bud. We just can not take any chance when it comes to deal with matters directly related to unity and integrity of our country.

It is to be noted that any visible challenge to the sovereignty of our country can be effectively crushed by the state machinery but the real challenge would be to deal with the invisible and more malignant form of indoctrination of our youth on dis integrative lines.
Democracy and freedom of expression too ( like most of the things on this planet) demands appropriate measure of control and regulation if it transcends the permissible limits.
At the first instance, freedom of speech and expression under our Constitution has been subjected to certain restrictions in the interest of unity and integrity of the country, friendly relations with neighbouring countries and also on the ground of incitement to commit offence, defamation etc.
Against this backdrop, how can we allow persons like Umar Khalid who has already been booked under charges of sedition to speak at any forum to pollute the mind of our youth through his venomous and anti national speech.

Our country has a unique capability to transform itself from tolerant to intolerant to tolerant within three months.
Israt jahan for all her good credentials as a terrrorist ends up finding many fathers and their lorry loaded affection and an innocent middle class girl is compelled to seek intervention of the Supreme court to lodge an FIR against a sitting minister, accused of committing sexual assault on her.
Further, the Indian version democracy and secularism demands that one should respect the right to freedom of speech and expression when a group of intellectual rascals in the heart of our capital insults our flag, defile our deities, celebrate the death of our soldiers and challenges the very sovereignty of the country.
The moment you speak against triple talaq you become a part of conspiracy to contain minorities.
What is this?
Are we really moving towards a more liberal democratic and development oriented society ?
When it comes to our country’s unity,integrity and sovereignty even the supreme law of the land that is Constitution can be amended and replaced to create a legitimate space to neutralise such undesirable elements in our society.

Just imagine the kind of environment we have manufactured around us (thanks to the collaborative action of some media houses, political parties, ecclesiastical leadership and the overly intellectual academicians and their equally talented new generation lolly pop students ) wherein it is treated as a crime
1) if being a hindu in a country known as Hindustan you speak anything in the interest of Hindus who define this country not only in terms of numbers but also in terms of its distinct cultural identity the provenance of which can be located thousands of years ago.

2) If your Prime Minister being a Hindu simply says ‘Jai Shree Ram‘ amid his people. It seems that we are gradually falling victim to a ‘closed system circularity’ as far as the intellectual discourse doing the rounds is concerned. Much to the detriment of our national interests, a large chunk of our time,money and energy is wasted on such issues which testifies to the increasing moral and intellectual bankrupts of our leaders. We are being more entertained than governed.

3) If you try to initiate discussion on the imperatives of reviewing Reservation policy, you become anti dalit.
4) If you think of privatization and globalization you become anti poor and if you keep shouting Kisan & majdoor, khoon and pasina’ without any vision and mission, still you become garibon ka…..
5) You wear saffron and talk about vedic culture,religion, hindu sanskriti or hindutva ideology, you are treated as communal which does necessarily mean anti muslim.
………….. and it goes on and on, there is no end to such hypocrisy.

It is to be noted that the law and administration is not the ultimate panacea to this problem but it is equally true that many of the problems that we face today is the outcome of our inability to enforce rule of law in letter and spirit.

A state which is not capable of preventing and punishing those who cause injuries to it can hardly protect its people. The time has come to shed off any politically motivated liberalism or procrastination in this regard and to punish stringently those orchestrating anti India campaign. In the name of democracy and freedom we have already conceded too much ground. A nation is not a physical structure or monument the deterioration of which would be clearly visible on walls. If it is not nipped in bud, it will gradually spread among youth, university after university to the detriment of our country.