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Bengal Local Elections!

Bengal Local Elections!

‘The one who is defeated resorts to injustice’

This is what defines the contemporary state of affairs in Bengal politics.
The recently held local elections witnessed worst kind of ‘political violence’ orchestrated by the ruling ‘Trinamul Congress’ in which 16 were killed and tens of hundreds got injured.

Bengal, under the inspiring leadership of Sushri Mamta Banerjee’, has gone too far and appears to be the most ‘faithful’ and loyal descendants’ of Communists who still remain ‘unparalleled’ in the art of making and delivering bombs, killing and injuring political adversaries, creating so much of deterrence’ that opponents run for their life and leave the ground free so that goals could be registered without bearing the pain of negotiating with goal keeper.

Good idea! Even before the beginning of game, catch hold of the ‘referee’ outside the stadium in one of the suitable corners’ and beat him ‘black and blue’ and then do the same to the players of opposite team so that they prefer to take shelters in the newly settled colonies of rohingyas.

And then, lands the most accomplished’ team the history of Independent India has ever seen……………………..!
Yes! You are correct.
The ultimate saviour of the land imbued’ with the soul touching spirit of

They register goals so gloriously’ into the goal post without goal keeper and democracy is once again firmly ensconced.

Where are those ‘distinguished’ Judges of the Supreme Court who were the first to discover that ‘Indian democracy is in danger ?

Where are the ‘candle bearer’ social activists and media?

Where is that team which was on the mission ‘Samvidhan Bachao’ ?

They are silent and surreptitiously celebrating the scene because their common ‘Omnipotent opponent’ is on the receiving end for the time being in this state.

The state of Bengal is a good ‘case study’ to reveal how a regressive political ideology devoid of dynamism and realism can ‘channelize’ the resources of a prosperous state in wrong direction to manufacture poverty, deprivation and ‘friction ridden’ life for its people which they never deserved.

Bengal should have been been the richest province in the country.

Bengal has abundant water, fertile soil, forest, mountain, oceanic gateway to SE Asia, rich cultural heritage, rich hinterland and the most important factor ‘Intelligentia’ to mention a few……….!

And the language of Bengal is not Bengali.

It is ‘ cholchhe, aar ki bolbo dada, aikhun toh kono kaaj taaj nei, market er abastha ta khub kharab………….and so on and on.

The common language is full of ‘pessimism’ and despair’ as if they have learnt to live with it.

The reason being the ‘ line of thinking’ developed and nurtured by the successive political leadership in the state which is characterized by what can be called ‘ frictional federalism’ , a false sense of ‘pride of Bengal leading to its gradual isolation’ among several other things,from other active participants in the process of development to the detriment of the state and its people.

Further, if something is not done, the state will have to face the problem of Brain Drain’ which is already in process.

People with a reasonable sense of logic, ethics and vivacity for life will not continue for long in this kind of environment ridden with poverty and wholesome communal violence on platter.

If Didi is not doing enough, we should not hesitate calling another Didi or Bhaiya.

……………because people of Bengal deserve a much better life.

Sajjan Pratap Singh
Director, IIIASA