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Perfection is generally characterized by firmness and poise whereas imperfection has a tendency to expose itself’.
Hence the opposition by many political parties against the initiative of Modi Govt. to curb black money.

They are so badly disposed against Modi Govt. that their is no concern for what and how of public response to such initiative. Aam Aadmi seem to be ready to stand behind the Government and are not so much affected. No body is willing to lend ears to the likes of Kejriwal, Sibbal, Manish Tiwari,Mamta, Mulayam or Uddhav for reasons secret to none.

From here onwards people have reasons to take the admonitions of the Govt. more seriously.
The two surgical strikes have significantly enhanced the ‘deterrence value’ of the Govt. People have started, after long long time, feeling the ‘feel’ of what we know as Government and Governance’.

What is at full display is an ‘Enterprising Government’, Reformist Government with a very very strong ‘will power’.
All of us are inborn imperfect entities who keep longing for perfection largely on the other side of fence but that can not be the reason to stop experimenting with things in search of a better condition.A Government making serious effort, taking calculated risks keeping uppermost in mind the larger interest of society and nation is much better than a ‘status- quoist’ and self sustaining Government which in the name of consistency and stability practices ‘obfuscative incrementalism’ to the detriment of long term public interest.

Not only we should stand with the Govt. but we need to be ready to deal with any kind of consequences with a sense of solidarity. Gradually the Indian society will have to change its notion of Governance which is basically a collective enterprise. The doctrine of ‘Achchhe Din’ is not about ‘Laddus’ to be prepared with motherly love and care in a Mega Kitchen of the Govt. to be distributed among people standing in a serpentine que with eyes set on helicopters flying high in the sky.

The stupendous task of nation building demands a pro active and honest Government and an equally ‘duty conscious’ and ‘participatory’ people working like a team. For Achchhe Din to come,each individual and group will have to be brought in a ‘productive harmony’ with others so that a ‘multi- pronged’ collective action is generated to generate life enriching resources to be distributed among all with a sense of justice.

‘Achchhe din aayenge’ par subko milkar kaam karna hoga.

Every one of us will have to conduct a successful surgical strike on our body,soul and mind. Something will have to be shed off to make room for something good in terms of habit and character.
If you can not do such things then at least one thing you can do and that is ‘ stop making demand for ‘ Achchhe Din’.