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……………………………Perhaps no one on this planet has ever spoken a truth that was not spoken earlier yet we keep emphasizing some age-defying principles of life so that they get deeply engrained in Our personality to make our world a better place to be in. Life is precious and exciting because moments once spent never come again and therefore prudence demands that we should try to make the most out of this life. The history of mankind is not so much the history of masses like the one orchestrated by a small minority who dared to believe in themselves against all odds and went that ‘extra mile’ to draw the most in furtherance of fone or other causes. The script of heroism in all spheres of life has largely been authored by indomitable courage, uncommon attitudinal response than ability alone. No doubt our happiness, success and well-being are nothing but the total application of our personality to the self and the environment to the enrichment of all. Interestingly, the principle of rocket science and behavioral science do converge in certain terms that is those who have to go higher must keep lighter.

Sajjan Pratap Singh

Director - IIIASA

In the course of the evolution of human civilization, every period of time has come with its own set of challenges as well as opportunities, and our life inter alia’ has been largely conditioned by our ability to respond with net positivism. The cut and thrust of ubiquitous competition, fast-changing value system, the global-local interface, the highly effervescent and uninhibited spectrum of socio-economic, cultural, and political interaction among societies have gradually been leading us to a kind of convergent evolution’ wherein no country can think of pursuing its ‘esteemed’ goals in isolation from others. What is applicable to a society of nations is also applicable to individuals. The role of leadership is to exercise its authority in trust and on behalf of its people in such a way that behaviorally differentiated individuals and groups are made to complement each other towards the most productive and enriching manifestation of our resources for gross general happiness. No Government in this world can bring Achche Din by its unilateral action like an accomplished doctor with people being encouraged to seek treatment like a chronically ll patient. The mindset has to be changed so as to acept the Sajjan Pratap Singh Director, IIIASA irrefutable reality that good governance and development is a ‘multi starter script to be enacted and executed by our collective enterprise. The challenge is to keep the momentum of growth and development undiminished amid an unending series offriction and noise which keep emanating from the dynamics of ‘Indian democracy’, competitive politics, and our highly strotified socio economic structure. More recently, we are confronting a new trend of ‘intelectual adventurism’ thriving on aimost an anti notionalsentiments’which sometimes discovers intolerance in Indian society, creates Bhagat Singh and B.R. Ambedkar out of any agitationist, laments the death of terrorists and celebrates the campaign of anarchists, questions the brovery of our soldiers and seek answers for the rights of conspirators. There are many who manufacture and pursue publie interest without public and largely unpublicly. No doubt, the Government needs to make its presence felt through a well calculated and calibrated response to defuse such centrifugal’ tendencies accompanied by a gradual development of a largely self dependent and duty conscious society

………………Society in which “happiness’ is not the objective to be achieved but an inextricably woven part of the general consciousness of people. It is neither desirable nor possible for all of us to guard our frontiers as soldiers but we too can make a similar contribution by simply being a little more committed to our work and more sensitive to what constitutes our larger collective interest as a nation. We at I1IASA, (THE INDIAN INSTITUTE OF IAS ASPIRANTS), have been making a consistent effort to contribute our portion in terms of providing one of the best designed ‘pre-selection and post selection’ training programs being run in our country so as to bring out the best in all civil services aspirants to ensure that our country remains in safe hands. Are you ready to make your portion of the contribution? Please remember, if you wait for the perfect moment when all is safe and assured it may never arrive, the roaring waves of the ocean are not known to have given safe passage to anyone. .to try is to risk failure. But risk must be taken, as the greatest hazard in life is to risk nothing. The person, who risks nothing, does nothing, has nothing, and is nothing. Make your choice sensibly.