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One of the best institutions in the country providing comprehensive guidance and coaching for IAS examination is IIIASA which is located in the Pinkcity of Jaipur. Established by Mr. Sajjan Pratap Singh who is also the ‘founder director’ of institute, IIIASA enjoys a rare ‘distinction’ of having trained successfully not only the Civil Services aspirants but also the serving Government officials for various promotional examinations. Thanks to its ‘mission-driven’ approach in an increasingly ‘commercializing’ world, the institute has developed a ‘distinct identity’ of its own in terms of harmonizing core ‘traditional values’ with modern technological paraphernalia so as to bring out the best in the students.

It is to be noted that in the past few years the nature and pattern of Civil Services Examination has undergone significant changes with increasing focus on ‘environmental dynamism’ and current affairs. The examination today is designed to evaluate not only the candidate’s ability to keep in touch with developments taking place in socio-economic, political and cultural sphere of life but also to comment on the same. Yet, the basic principles of learning remains largely unchanged in IAS Examination. If you are not clear in terms of basic concept and principles related to polity, economy, geography, science, etc. you would not be able to appreciate and comment on the developments taking place around.

Therefore, we at IIIASA have accordingly designed the course for IAS examination which as a part of carefully drawn strategy begins with the very basics of the subject and gradually the level of ‘Intellectual discourse’ is elevated to the level required for the IAS examination. As for example, in the sphere of economy it may begin with what, how and why of the economy and the economics, basic concepts like GDP, GNP, HDI, growth and development, etc. and gradually in the final stage it enters the realm of more substantive issues like State v/s Market debate, Global recession, Financial sector reforms, Fiscal and Monetary policy, Balance of payments, recession and anti- development thesis etc. In the same way, polity and governance, geography and ecology and other areas are addressed. No doubt, it takes a lot of energy, discipline and a sense of commitment in the course of preparation, but ultimately it pays.

It is to be noted that there is no hard and fast rule for preparation of IAS examination and there is nothing like a full proof ‘strategy’ for it. Yet most of the success stories related to IAS examination reflect some commonality in terms of consistent hard work, scientific management of study material and a deep understanding of concepts and principles along with ability to apply the same. Therefore, the success in IAS examination is the outcome of a positive interplay of more than one factors which makes it challenging and by consequence very interesting.

Given the nature of Civil Services Examination these days candidates can only ill afford to remain confined to the world of books only which in other words means that they are required to be exposed to different spheres of activities in the environment which is perpetually in the state of flux. It is here that the standard and the class of teaching in any institute is put to test and it is here that the line of distinction is drawn between theIndian Institute of IAS Aspirants (IIIASA) and others which is testified by its scintillating success story.

Remember!!! pure and powerful teaching driven by passion does not admit any false propaganda, it promises better possibilities only. We would like to advise all IAS aspirants with a deep sense of moral responsibility that they should think twice before joining any institute and avoid being swayed by indices and statistics of success manufactured by competing institutes every year.

Believe me good teachers are largely hidden and very often found to be over powered by predatory marketing of big brands. When a good teacher and a good student comes across each other, one success story is written and the rest is commentary.

Do meet the teacher and experience the class of his teaching before you decide to join.

…………because your time, energy and aspirations are too precious to be deployed to experience unworthy experiments.

Even at the cost of blowing it own trumpet, IIIASA assures with full responsibility, quality guidance and teaching in your preparation for IAS examination the instrumentality of which for a successful career and life will be celebrated by you forever.

Thank you!

Civil Services ——- An unending mission

‘A life not exposed to petrifying challenges is not worth living’…………………………………………the unconditional and ‘all pervasive’ relevance of ‘Darwinian principle’ in an increasingly competitive world does not leave much room for half -baked effort towards anything worth accomplishing. The preparation for ‘Civil Services Examination’ too is not an exception. The significance of civil services in the context of any civilized society can hardly be over emphasized.

A competent and well trained institution of civil services characterized by high level of objectivity and dynamism provides a ‘conducive’ environment for the growth and development of entire society. That is why it has always been a constant concomitant of all political systems of one and other kind irrespective of the changing context of time and space. The last few decades have witnessed a sort of ‘paradigmatic shift’ in the course of evolution of mankind, spearheaded ‘inter alia’ by an over arching influence of IT revolution and the forces of globalization. Today, we are living in a mutually influencing construct of values and principles which has drastically altered the environmental setting of civil services.

The increasing problems and aspirations of modern industrial society, conflicts of interest groups, environmental degradation, adjudication of disputes, demand for greater objectivity and sensitivity etc have streamlined the significance of reforms in the institution of civil services. Our basic objective is to bring overall structural and behavioral profile of civil services in sync with the realities of 21st century. Therefore, as a part of initiatives in this direction, the UPSC has recently brought significant changes in the nature and content of examination. The focus is on encouraging study pertaining to environmental dynamism based on the understanding of fundamental peculiarities of Indian polity, culture, society and economy.

More particularly, the expanded ‘spectrum’ of‘ General studies’ also includes subject matters like administrative integrity, ethics and aptitude ( a full paper) to test the candidates decision making or problem solving ability in simulated administrative situations. Further there has been a much desirable emphasis on the subject matters and issues of contemporary relevance for administration viz.social –economic justice, empowerment,e-governance,pulic accountability, public participation in decision making, developmental challenges, inclusive development, inclusive governance, bio diversity, environment, security, disaster management, infrastructure, projects and programmes, role of media, civil society, rural urban disparity, India’s strategic interests and concerns at global level and many more.

Nevertheless, I hold this firm opinion that the syllabus is comparatively more ‘substantive’ and ‘goal oriented’ in content. The ostensible expansion in the G.S. syllabus is not a big price for relaxation given for one optional subject to be very practical. Now, the doors for the most ‘coveted’ positions in government has been widened to make space for those candidates who may not have ‘scintillating’ academic credentials but they possess administrative aptitude and reconciliatory skill and decision making ability to respond to the multi dimensional challenges emanating from a ‘poly normative’ and ‘poly communal’ society of India.

Notwithstanding the drastic changes incorporated in the nature and profile of civil services examination, the significance of fundamental rules and principles of learning still remains and will remain undiminished. Unlike popular perception, systematic or scientific or strategy based preparation is not about devising short cut ‘ways and means’ to accomplish the esteemed’ goals rather it is about channelizing your hard work and resources in simple, sequential and meaningful manner to improve the probabilities on the brighter side of the scale.

‘Remember, hard work in the wrong direction takes you to the failure very fast.’

It is not much surprising that a substantially large number of candidates fail to clear examination every year because they simply keep sailing in the ocean of facts and information without adequate focus on developing integrated understanding of fundamental principles, concepts, and values in the light of which only facts are required to be interpreted and understood.

Can you connect to the ‘nuances’ of doctrine of public trust and 2 G spectrum scam without a fairly good understanding of how Indian Judiciary functions?

Similarly, one can not deal with the intricacies of ‘current account deficit ‘without understanding the fundamental concepts of fiscal and monetary policy, structural and operational dimensions of Balance of Payment.

Therefore, you need to approach environmental issues but with a consistently increasing command over the fundamental theories and principles governing our polity, economy, society and culture under national and global environmental setting as well.

Floating in an incomprehensible and unending ocean of information with unlimited number of unsolicited advice, peer pressure, obsession with proving something to someone, fear of losing something perennially and many more inexplicable factors, we end up as a victim of ‘cognitive overload’ which cripples our energy and potential to the detriment. The principle of rocket science here converges with behavioral science that is “he who has to go higher must keep lighter”.

Honestly speaking, complete emancipation from fear and anxiety is neither possible nor desirable. Yes, up to a point it leads to good performance. And all of us are blessed with that inbuilt strength, more or less, to sink and sail with our own behavioral infirmities. What is required is to explore that vitality in your personality so as to beat the influence of all such extraneous factors. The root of all energy and motivation lies in you only.

Like a battle hardened warrior take the full charge of your body, soul and mind and move ahead to make the best out of time, energy and available resources.

‘Think in terms of hours and minutes not days, things will fall in place’.

Free from all the disabilities of the past; integrate yourself afresh to hit the target ahead. The countdown has begun………………. The history of mankind is replete with grandest of preparations taking place in a space of few days and months, constantly pushing the limits of human spirit and consequential achievements. You are also the part of the same fraternity and therefore you can do it. Therefore, instead of too much of theorizing things, take a reasonably good decision and move ahead with…………………………….’head erect, chest forward and thoughts steeled’. From the innermost fiber of my soul, I wish you all the best .