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Myth: The preparation for IAS examination is so tough and demanding that it is meant only for university toppers, gold medalists and students of extra-ordinary intellectual caliber. Reality: Past experience and facts do testify that a better than average student with hard work under proper guidance can make it to IAS.
Myth: English medium students have better chances of clearing this examination. Reality: The examiners are primarily concerned with the substance in your answer rather than the medium yet given the pressing requirements of modern world one should be reasonably conversant in English.
Myth: There is a short cut way to crack civil services examination. Reality: Like any other field of activities, there is no short cut to success here. Yet, accompanied by proper guidance and a scientifically drawn strategy, one can secure much better results.
Myth: With the help of tailor made notes and guessed questions one can clear the examination the way it is done at the level of graduation and post graduation level examination. Reality: Given the consistently changing nature of examination with greater focus on assessment of candidate’s ability to respond to the dynamic environment, there can hardly be any tailor made notes and questions to steer you through. A good teacher empowers your line of thought and widens your perception of things so that you could respond in a much better way.
Myth: Students belonging to a particular stream (science, arts or commerce) enjoy some inherent competitive edge. Reality: The present scheme of examination to a greater extent imparts a level playing field to all. It is not your stream pursue but the degree of your informed responsiveness to the environmental developments that extends a competitive edge.
Myth: Given the intensity of competition, vast syllabus and the consequent demand of time and energy it is not possible for employed persons to afford the preparation for this examination. Reality: With smart and prudent management of time, study material and good strategy, a large number of employed persons make it to IAS every year.
Myth: The key to success lies in gathering as much knowledge as possible by back breaking hard work. Reality: No education in any denomination can ever be complete unless it proves itself in application. What is required is the ability to apply knowledge to the given situation.
Myth: It is advisable to go for an optional which has small syllabus in quantitative terms. Reality:If you lack interest and very basic intellectual temperament for the subject, even a small syllabus will end up overpowering your performance.
Myth: The success in the civil services examination is the monopoly of some big brands in the world of coaching institutions or preparing in Delhi itself can give you a competitive edge over other candidates. Reality: No infrastructure, brand and technology can ever replace a good teacher who is competent as well as willing to see his students growing.
Myth: Last but not the least, all coaching institutions are into money making business with shoddy quality of teaching only to be fool students. Reality: Black ships are there in every profession and occupation. A good coaching institution generally covers in four months what most of the universities fail to teach in two- three years.