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Posted By : Sajjan Pratap Singh | Published at May 24, 2019

Owing to the toughest exam of the nation it is very important to give proper time for every subject while preparing for IAS. Some of you might be thinking that when should we start preparing for IAS exam. Well, there is not a rigid time when a candidate can start his preparation for the exam.

But still, there are few good experts’ suggestions regarding this question given below. You can follow these suggestions to write your IAS exam with full confidence to crack it.

Is it good to start preparing for IAS in school days?

Well, it purely depends upon your inclination and aptitude towards the exam and civil services. There are students who decide their goal to become an IAS officer from their school days only. As a result of which it is not any harm to start preparing for IAS after 12th.

Just try to know how to prepare for IAS after 12th or before that and continue your journey from the very beginning. But at the same time if you are not having any aptitude for the exam and doing for the sake of showing to your friends then it is just a waste of time.

What is the exact time to start preparing for IAS exam by aspirants?

The exact time for preparing IAS exam cannot be defined for anyone, every individual gets the epiphany moment of his life in different time variations. For example, if you realize the dream of becoming an IAS officer after graduation then we cannot say you are too late to crack the exam.

It is good if you realize early but it in no way means others who are starting their preparation after graduation or even later while doing a job then also it is completely fine. Just for the case if you come to know about your dream for the civil services exam during graduation then do not forget to take the best course for IAS exam during graduation.

How to ensure success in the exam by the civil services aspirants in the first attempt?

If you want to gain success in civil services exam only in the first attempt then read the best books for IAS exam. Keep a collection of significant newspapers and magazines and never ignore reading the best NCERT books for civil services exam.

Also, current affairs and other important updates happening in the world should be known to you while preparing for the civil services exam.

In case you need coaching for IAS exam in Jaipur then best IAS coaching center in Jaipur is going to help you in the best way. IIIASA is the renowned coaching center for taking state UPSC as well as IAS exam preparation and that is too at genuine cost.