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What types of Questions are asked in IAS Exam

The UPSC IAS exam is divided into three parts and every part has different types of questions for students which require IAS coaching Jaipur for students. For instance Prelims is of objective type while mains exam is descriptive in nature. UPSC Exams Preparation In Jaipur required a complete focus on both prelims and mains. The role of coaching for IAS exam is very prominent to crack it. Students who are aspiring for the exam with an aptness can join foundation courses organized by the coaching Institutes like IIIASA.

How the Questions Preparation Strategy differ for Prelims to Mains

The prelims exam as mentioned above is of objective type in which students are given four choices for the same questions. Answer to be given from these four alternatives of questions by the student for this prelims exam. On the other hand talking about the mains exam it is of written type in which long descriptive answers must be written in a proper way by the students. IAS exam preparation for objective paper of the prelims require students to understand the concept of the topic in such a way that he does not get confused by seeing so many options for the answer in exam. Likewise in mains exam with the clarity of topics and concepts it is very necessary to have a critical thinking on these topics. IAS coaching Institute in Jaipur like IIIASA prepares its students by helping them to clear the concepts of exam and also to develop critical behaviour in studies.

How to write the Descriptive Questions of UPSC Mains

In order to accomplish the task of UPSC Mains exam with greater care to achieve best score in the exam, it is important to have a lot of practice in solving previous years questions papers. The Foundation Courses For Exam IAS also push their students to solve the old papers to increase the speed of writing in exam. The main reason behind it is that most of the time due to lack of skills in writing or solving paper fast students skip a major portion of the exam despite of the fact that they could have solved it easily. If you want to learn from this mistake of others so that time constraints do not eat up your success focus on the civil services exam coaching in Jaipur given by IIIASA. Here you will be able to learn solutions for all your IAS related queries.

Is it Important to Refer Newspapers for the Types of Questions Asked in IAS

The person who is 9ignoring the importance of newspapers for the preparation of IAS can never crack this exam in his life. This is because most of the paper is covered from the newspapers and current affairs section. The newspaper not only contributes for the prelims exam but at the same time mains is also depended on newspapers and current affairs. Students of IAS exam cannot afford to skip the newspapers and current affairs magazine as they are crucial to develop the critical thinking on some major issues. Best IAS Coaching Jaipur given by the IIIASA is helpful to make the students efficient for using these newspapers to crack the exam. This is because the teachers of IIIASA have experience about the types of questions that could be covered with newspapers.