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What Subjects or Topics General Studies Covers

Published: 19-Jun-2018 Last Edited: 19-Jun-2018
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What Subjects or Topics General Studies Covers

General studies papers are very much responsible to decide the merit of the students in civil services exam. Even Best IAS Coaching Centre in Jaipur are focused on to prepare their students for the general studies both in prelims as well as mains. There are students who have expertise in History but lack understanding in Geography. Similarly all other aspirants have their strengths and weakness. But it is very easy to come out of these weaknesses by joining general studies coaching classes Jaipur by IIIASA. Best coaching for the preparation of general studies could be gained from the teachers of IIASA by students of IAS.

Which Topics are Covered in IAS Prelims General Studies Coaching

IAS prelims general studies coaching are mainly focused on the topics that are related to History, Geography, Polity and Social Studies. Apart from it Environmental studies and science and technology also form them major part of the general studies coaching for IAS Prelims exam. Foundation course classes for IAS in Jaipur by IIIASA also gives this type of coaching on the aforesaid topics to the civil services aspirants so that they can crack the exam easily in first attempt.

Types of Subjects in the Mains General Studies of IAS Exam

There are four papers of general studies in the UPSC civil services mains. As a result of which high score could be managed by the civil services aspirants by giving attention to the preparation of general studies paper. Each paper of the general studies comprises of 250 marks which means 1000 marks are based on only general studies. The topics which are given to the students in UPSC syllabus for IAS belongs to History, Geography, Polity and Ethics etc that student can prepare for exam. Similar is the case with UPSC Prelims exam as mentioned above. Crash Course Classes for general studies preparation of civil services mains exam is very important to make success possible.

How to Prepare for General Studies Subjects for IAS Exam?

Here are some tips that will help the IAS aspirants to prepare for the exam especially for the general studies. If you want to succeed in the UPSC civil services exam it is very important for you to follow these tips given by the experienced teachers.

  1. Make a list of topics that overlaps with the syllabus of prelims and mains both.
  2. Then read these topics separately for both the exam and mark them as important that is why they are inculcated twice in the syllabus.
  3. Make notes of these topics as well so that you can revise them in the last moment before exam of IAS.
  4. Read the remaining topics as well and try to find the similar content in newspaper that you can relate with the theory of this syllabus.
  5. Join a good coaching centre where you can have the interaction with your teachers like IIIASA in Jaipur for Civil Services Coaching.

Coaching Institutes for IAS General Studies Coaching

If you are looking for a good coaching institute for IAS coaching in Jaipur IIIASA is best for this purpose. Best coaching in general studies for both Hindi and English medium students is provided by the teachers of IIIASA here. Also the fee structure of the coaching centre is comparatively low as compared to the other coaching centres in Jaipur and out of Jaipur like Delhi.

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