Next batch for Public Administration is slated to begin on 16th July 2019. admission Open!! Enroll Now.

Next Batch for general Studies is slated to begin on 16th July 2019. Admission Open!

Next Batch for Public Administration is slated to begin on 16th July 2019 – Admission Open!

IAS 2017-18 ( Final results) – Adarsh Pachera ( IIIASA 2013 – 14 Batch) Rank 231, Vikash Aswal ( IIIASA 2014- 15 Batch) Rank 1027, Garima ( IIIASA 2014 Batch) 726 and seven others have made it to Civil Services. I Congratulations to all of them.

Special Guidance programme for promotional exams ( serving Govt. Officials) is schedule to begin on 16th July 2019.

IAS 2018 – 19, (Mains)Test series for Public Administration is in progress. Join Now!

Posted By : Sajjan Pratap Singh | Published at June 29, 2019

IAS Examination in one or other forms has constantly been an essential part of organized governments & civilized societies all over the globe. Its significance lies in multifarious responsibility played by it in pursuance of public welfare and safety.

No doubt, our quality of life, amongst other things, depends heavily on effectiveness, efficiency and moral uprightness of civil services.

Preparing for IAS exams is hard, but if you have good guidance, study material and good ambience, then you can do it smoothly. Students can also choose the best IAS coaching institute in Jaipur. Moreover, the student must also concentrate on self-study as well.

In the globe of growing digital in each space of life, the IAS aspirants must also take advantage of available technology. Here, in this piece of writing, we discuss on the list of mobile applications and internet websites accessible for the UPSC IAS preparation. The IAS aspirant can take guidance from such mobile application while preparing for IAS Exam as well as other competition.

There are many apps available to utilize with smart phones which might be helpful for preparation. But, when you are a brilliant candidate, you can’t afford to waste time on something which might be helpful for you but at the same time distract you to something else that will possibly eat a lot of time.

But, nowadays, students try to make use of technology in the form of diverse, informative blogs or websites rather than depending on those expensive books. But which website or blog will you follow? If you open the internet and search for an educational site, you’ll end up with depression as none of them will provide you with the comprehensive information that you need. This will charge you a lot of time and effort.

Why students Use Mobile Applications & Internet during IAS Coaching Preparation

As loads of information necessary to clear UPSC examinations comes from reports & data from different administration ministries, all candidates are stoutly advised to be dynamic users of the internet. Books might not be updated frequently as websites and applications, and therefore, they cannot be a trustworthy source constantly. Also, books may not contain reliable information as in administration websites like PIB about economic data, administration schemes, global relations etc.

Here is a List of useful websites for IAS preparation

  • com,
  • com,
  • org

There are numerous high-quality android apps which can be checked when you are not in a position to read a textbook, such as at a bus stop. Clear has previously launched an official app available on Android devices.

Clear IAS mobile application is very reader-friendly and suitable numerous features of this site. By using apps, you can expand your training from laptop to mobile! Other ideas contain apps like the Indian Constitution, Indian History, and India Newspapers etc. UPSC candidate who is tech-savvy can recommend other helpful apps worth installing.

Besides Selecting a suitable IAS coaching institute, it is also significant for a civil service aspirant that the conviction and determination. Hard work and devotion can never be replaced by anything. Though coaching center guides the scholar in the right way but at the end of the day, the scholar needs to implement all the tricks, system and instructions of the institute.