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What is the Gross Salary of IAS officer

Majority of IAS aspirants are crazy about the prestige and lifestyle of a civil servant which is the driving force for them to appear in the exam. So if you want to know that What is the Lifestyle of an IAS Officer then go through the following points meticulously.

What is the Lifestyle of an Indian Administrative Officer?

We cannot say that the life of an IAS officer is free from worries and challenges but still the prestige that they gain from society push them to bear that pressure of the job. You must be in a state of limbo before aspiring to be an Indian administrative officer that Do IAS Officer Live Luxury Life or not. Well, there is no doubt that the life of these officers is highly luxurious. But at the same time there are so many difficult situations in their career when they have to put off all their luxury for the welfare of public. The ultimate goal is not to gain the money and luxury but to complete the purpose for which they are hired by the government.

Complimentary Allowance given to the IAS officers in India

An Indian administrative officer not only get the best salary but at the same time number of other allowances which makes their salary up to two fold higher than basic salary. These include the travelling allowance, phone bills, accommodation allowance etc. So the salary structure of an IAS officer should be seen with respect to the allowances that are grabbed by them on regular basis from the government. That is how the complete and authentic income can be calculated for the civil servants.

Gross Income of the Administrative officers and their Luxury life

Gross and net income of the IAS officers varies to a great extent this is because of the heavy allowances that are given to these officers by the government. When it comes to count their gross salary it is half of the amount of what they get from the government. That is why we can say that their live is having no scarcity for money to live a natural and stable life. Many of them have good investment in the business with heavy outcomes and thus we can say that they life a good life with no issue for the financial matters.

So if you are dreaming to be rich and work for society at the same time then civil services is the best option that can help you to achieve the both.