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What is the best way to prepare Geography for UPSC Prelims

Published: 04-Jul-2018 Last Edited: 04-Jul-2018
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What is the best way to prepare Geography for UPSC Prelims

If you are preparing for the UPSC civil services exam this is very true that you must be aware of the importance of geography in prelims exam. A huge section is covered by the geography questions in the exam of civil services exam. As a result of which a smart preparation for the geography and knowledge about how to prepare geography for IAS Prelims exam is very important for the students. So here are some tips and study resources that students can use for the study of geography in IAS prelims exam. These tips are given to the students by the expert teachers of IIIASA coaching academy for IAS in Jaipur.

How many Marks could be covered in Geography Section in IAS Prelims?

Although there is no stable numbers of questions divided for the civil services exam prelims but still a major portion of the question booklet give importance to the geography in exam. That is why it is hard to the students to ignore or neglect the subject of geography for UPSC civil services exam. So students can manage to score about 10-15 questions in the prelims and we know that in order to remains in the safer zone 60 questions are required by general candidates. 15 questions is a good deal if students able to crack or solve them in the geography section of IAS prelims. IAS Foundation Course Classes are also helpful the students in preparing for the geography of Prelims exam.

Why NCERT Books are best for the Geography of UPSC Prelims

Those who are preparing for the civil services exam are very much aware of the fact that NCERT books are the basic reading of study the syllabus of the UPSC exam. NCERT books are not only important for the geography subject only because other subjects like History, Science and Economics are also read by the students from these books. So we can say that NCERT books provide a good platform to the students for clearing their basic and fundamentals for the exam of UPSC civil services exam.

NCERT books of Geography for IAS prelims can solve many queries of the students regarding the subject as well. So prepare for the geography and score a good record of marks in the prelims exam. You can prove that NCERT is best along with Crash Course Classes for the IAS. This is because their simple language and concept clarity is easily understood by the students of every background, more they are available in both Hindi as well as English medium.

Current Affairs of Geography and their Preparation in the Prelims

Current affair also keep an important role in the geography of UPSC exam this is because most of the questions are set in such a way that they check both the theoretical and current knowledge of the students. That is why it is important to be in touch with the Current Affairs of geography for the prelims exam of UPSC civil services. So make sure that you are reading some magazines of current affairs for the exam as well. This is going to help you out in solving the questions of geography which are based on current awareness.

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