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What is the Approximate Fee for IAS Coaching

Published: 14-May-2018 Last Edited: 08-Jun-2018
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What is the Approximate Fee for IAS Coaching

The IAS exam coaching in Jaipur is reliable to the students in quality as well as for financial purposes. The best coaching teachers are giving help to the students in IIIASA at the rational prices for fee. There are coaching institutes which are bragging to be the best coaching provider for UPSC civil services and thus charges huge chunks of money for IAS foundation course classes in Jaipur. Here are some average estimated coaching fee structures that Institutes charge from the civil services aspirants to give coaching to these students. These are not the exact fees that are charged by the coaching centers some of them are even charging above these amounts and others are below to the given stats. But the fee described here is charged by a standard coaching institute in India for IAS.


Foundation Course Classes Fee for IAS Exam

Foundation classes of IAS exam cover a huge syllabus of IAS prelims exam as well as that of mains. The students have to prepare for the exam of civil services throughout one year period in foundation course. As a result of which the fee of the coaching classes is also very high. Most of the coaching center charge anything between 1 Lakh 70 thousands to 2 Lakh 50 thousands. Apart from it students have to manage their own expenses as well. Civil services exam coaching is no way possible to the poor students who manage their two square of meal with difficulty. Those who are looking for cheaper coaching classes can join other institutes as well. There are many coaching centers which are a little lower in their fee structure as compared to the highly charging dignified coaching institutes.


Exam Fee for Crash Course on UPSC civil Services Preparation

Crash course classes for IAS exam in Jaipur and other cities of India are taken by the students when they fail in first attempt even after foundation coaching classes. These repeaters students cannot spend the same amount of money for the second and third time as they already have cleared their fundamentals in the first year of foundation course. That is why crash course which charge students from the range of 50 thousands to 80,000 are taken by the students for preparation of civil services exam.


Optional Paper Fee for IAS Exam Preparation on an Average

There is one optional paper in the civil services exam as well in which students have to choose a subject of their own choice. The coaching of this paper is also available to the students. For instance IAS coaching center IIIASA in Jaipur give optional paper help to the students in preparing all the fundamental of a subject. All the topics of optional paper subjects are covered by the students in IIIASA under the supervision of teacher’s team that is working tirelessly to prepare students for this challenge. Public admin coaching classes in Jaipur is given by IIIASA to the students for optional paper. Mainly 40 to 50 thousands are charged for this coaching help on optional subject by majority of coaching centers.


Charges for Prelims Exam Preparation by the Coaching Institutes

Those who want coaching only for the prelims exam can also avail it by paying 35 to 50,000 in the coaching institute. This preparation of Prelims exam do not last more than two months in the coaching institutes. Even separate classes for IAS prelims and mains are given to the students by coaching institutes.

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