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What are the Duties of an IAS Officer

Becoming an IAS officer is very difficult for the students because of the complex process of selection in the UPSC civil services exam. IAS coaching Jaipur given to the students by IIIASA also prepare students to crack this exam to become a good IAS officer of the nation. The duty of an IAS officer is not very simple and he or she has to face many hurdles and ordeals during the discharge of duties in different areas of the district and nation at large. Those who have gained success in the prestigious civil services exam of UPSC have to impart the following roles for their duty as an IAS officer.

Manage the Administration of the District

The administration of the district of the area given to an IAS officer has managed him with full effectiveness. Any discrepancy in the management can raise certain queries towards the proper discharge of an IAS officer duty. The administration involves all the major sectors like health, communication, transportation, education, and employment. Those people who want to do something for the nation in betterment concern can realize their dream by becoming an IAS officer as it gives a huge and immense opportunity along with power.

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To Check Illegal Activities of the Area

Illegal activities like human trafficking, drug supply, alcohol business and crime to women are also checked by the IAS officer of that specific area. Certain strategies are framed to make sure everything is fine in the area by IAS officers. Aspirants who are dreaming to be the IAS officer to give their duties against corruption and other social issues like women exploitation can prepare under the guidance help of IIIASA experts in Jaipur. Very reliable separate IAS classes for Hindi and English medium are given to the students here.

Students who are not fresher but repeaters who have already done with their foundation course on civil services can join the other courses which are offered by the IAS coaching centers in Jaipur. These courses are like civil services crash course classes to the students of IAS.

Have an Involvement in the Recruitment Process of Certain Vacancies

Recruitment panel is also administered by the IAS authorities of the area. It makes sure that everything regarding the conduct of exam and interview goes smoothly. That is why IAS officers keep on taking the updates of recruitment in various fields.

As a Role Model for the People of Area     

An IAS officer is like a role model for the people of society if he behaves in a certain manner; he is followed by the common masses. For instance, if an IAS officer keeps his area clean other public will also copy him or her. So it must be kept in mind by an IAS officer to give his duties with full honesty.