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What are the Best You Tube Channels for Preparing IAS

Published: 26-May-2018 Last Edited: 08-Jun-2018
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What are the Best You Tube Channels for Preparing IAS

There are Coaching Institutes For IAS in Jaipur and throughout the country which are preparing the students for civil services exam. But still the online study material also imparts a major role in the preparation of this exam. Today we cannot remain limited to the printed material only. It is true that huge number of resources for IAS preparation can make you uncomfortable to read all of them but at least you have to reach average resources. Foundation course classes for UPSC exam in IIIASA also give this strategy to the students to refer both electronic and print material for study. Here are some You Tube channels that can also help the UPSC Civil Services Exam aspirants to crack the exam.

Mrunal Patel Videos on You Tube for IAS

Mrunal Patel Videos on You Tube need not any recommendations to the students who are preparing for this civil services exam. Those who have not subscribed this channel are going to lose a lot for the preparation of UPSC civil services prelims as well as mains. Here you will get videos on Economics that could be available both in Hindi and English. History videos are also there in the playlist of Mrunal Patel on You Tube. So if you are taking civil services coaching Jaipur from IIIASA try to refer these videos as well. You will get most of the prelims and mains syllabus covered by Mrunal Patel in these videos by clearing each and very concept of the students in depth.

Anuj Garg Coaching Classes for IAS

Those who are looking for a good content in history along with clarity of the concepts can watch Anuj Garg’s coaching videos on You Tube. It is the best platform along with Mrunal History videos to prepare for the UPSC Civil Services Exam. You can see the list which contains videos on ancient history, medieval history and modern history as well.

Desire IAS- Just UPSC for Preparing IAS exam

The next You Tube channel that you can watch for civil services preparation is Desire IAS-Just UPSC. Here you will get the videos on different current affairs and other study material for the exam of Civil services. The people who are making these videos are the person who made through the prelims and mains for more than thrice but failed in the interview. You can take civil services prelims and mains coaching from these channels along with your coaching center.

Vision IAS for Civil Services Preparation

Next in the row is Vision IAS which does not need any introduction to the students who are preparing for the UPSC civil services exam with full dedication. IAS coaching in Jaipur given by the teachers of IIIASA could be taken by the students along with watching the vision IAS videos. Crash course classes for Civil Services Exam in Jaipur are given to the students so that they can achieve the success in their preparation of IAS.

These are the major You Tube channels that students of UPSC civil services exam refer for their preparation in the exam. These people are giving help to the students through you tube channels from long time and thus have the meaningful experience in making contentful videos for the aspirant of IAS. Those who fail to understand these videos can go to the coaching academies for seeking the help of teachers in clearing their concepts.

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