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What are the 4 Common Mistakes committed by IAS Aspirants

Civil services aspirants want to clear the exam as soon as possible but in this hurry they often make many mistakes which put them on back foot. The Common Mistakes Done by UPSC Aspirants are listed below. If you are also a student of IAS study then try to avoid these mistakes while preparing for the exam.

Common mistakes that should be avoided while preparing for civil services

The most common mistake is committed by the civil services aspirants is to ignore the importance of taking suggestion for optional. Going through the Trans stage with questions like Which Optional Paper I Should opt for Mains must be accompanied with expert suggestions. Here are all 4 major mistakes listed here which are committed by the students too often.

  1. Avoiding the importance of NCERT books is the first and primary mistake which should be considered.
  2. Never skip the newspapers and current affairs magazines for your IAS study.
  3. Get rid of your emotions that are becoming a hurdle in the way of preparation and be stoic.
  4. Understand the importance of memorizing syllabus of the exam before starting your study.

Why UPSC aspirants should memorize the syllabus of exam?

The syllabus of IAS exam in very lengthy and there is no use of preparing for the exam if you are not well versed with the syllabus. Whenever you come across a topic in the newspaper which relate to the syllabus of the exam you can give attention to it. This is how half of your preparation for civil services exam is done when you have the syllabus in your mind.

How reading newspaper is very important for IAS

If you want to know that How Reading Newspaper is Useful for IAS Preparation then this is the answer that you can prepare for critical thinking and current affairs through it. General studies paper in the prelims exam of UPSC and mains both covered from the newspaper to a huge extent. Under such state if someone is skipping to the importance of newspapers then he or she is definitely going to kiss the dust at the end of the day. One cannot suppose to crack this prestigious exam without the help of newspapers and magazines and it is important to know about the important magazines for IAS and newspaper as well.

If you are doing your preparation on this basis and not getting involved in the mistakes enlisted here then it is much easier for you to clear the exam.