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Top 10 tips for writing Essay for IAS Exam

Published: 20-Dec-2018 Last Edited: 11-Jan-2019
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Top 10 tips for writing Essay for IAS Exam

Writing an essay for the civil services exam is a vital part of IAS which students have to go through in the mains exam. An essay cannot be written within few days practice only because there are so many things that you have to keep in mind for writing a good essay in your UPSC exam 2019. So here are few tips that are going to help you in writing a top level essay for your IAS exam given by the expert essayist.

Importance of preparing for essay paper of IAS exam

Essay paper plays a significant role for the UPSC civil services exam because it contains 250 marks for the mains paper. This figure of the marks is very big for deciding the merit of the students to enter the interview round. If you are not able to write a good essay for your IAS exam it means you are giving a big reason to the failure for greeting you door. So try to go through the following tips for writing a best essay for the IAS exam.

How to write a best essay for civil services exam?

From reading newspaper editorial for IAS to deciding a good magazine everything is going to contribute in your essay paper preparation of IAS exam. Here are some points that you need to understand for writing a good essay for the UPSC civil services.

  • Stay updated to the newspapers to get a better idea about the burning topics to make and develop a perspective to write your essay.
  • Try to write something on regular basis because when you are writing it will enhance your vocabulary and skills as well.
  • Make sure that you have a good power and skill to analyze the things by reading the editorial column of the newspapers and then critically analyzing them.
  • Read various types of critiques that are reflective on national and international issues in well-mannered way.
  • Try to frame an essay outline in the exam according to the length and figure out the points you will add in the every part.
  • Your essay must be written in smooth flow and with influential opening lines in the form of famous quotation.
  • Give break in between the paragraphs to make it readable for the reader of essay.
  • Stay away from the clumsy presentation of the points in haphazard manner.
  • Take part in online essay writing contest conducted and organized by newspapers and other websites.
  • You can write for newspaper articles to enhance your critical skills for writing the essay in exam of IAS.