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Tips for reading NCERT books for IAS

An aspirant of civil services cannot afford to ignore the importance of NCERT books for prelims as well as mains of the exam. But at the same time this is also true that he cannot give entire period of preparation for the NCERT only. There must be some smart study tips for reading NCERT books in minimum time to manage time for other things as well. Here are some of them given below to help the aspirant to study these books in small period of time.

Best way to finish off with NCERT reading in minimum time

If you are a working person and at the same time preparing for the civil services exam then it is important to know for you that how to read NCERT books faster. Those who are thinking of 100 Day Action Plan for IAS Study must go through the expert tips given for basic reading that is NCERT. Observe the following points carefully in case you really want to do smart study for the UPSC exam.

  1. Select the syllabus of the UPSC exam both prelims and mains and find out the topics that are given in the syllabus. Be focused on these topics in the books only rather than going into depth study of every topic.
  2. Try to support your basic reading with some easy example if you are failing to grab a concept from NCERT.
  3. Do not read the tough topic from NCERT that make you to invest lot of time find out some simple alternative resources for these topics.
  4. Make notes which are concise and useful rather than writing everything in your notes.

How to approach NCERT books for UPSC civil services?

UPSC aspirants who have no ideas about which are the Best Resources for IAS Study have to understand the importance of NCERT. To read these books one should consider them as the primary reading for building the basic grounds for their study. Once this reading is done the next step is to compliment it with the secondary resources.

Why NCERT books are important for Civil services exam?

Like said many times these NCERT books play a significant role in building the basic foundation of the syllabus topics for students. Those who are devoided of the primary concepts from the ground level fail to understand the tough professional books written for UPSC. That is why most of the expert and civil services topper suggest reading these basic books on the top priority.