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Posted By : Sajjan Pratap Singh | Published at April 27, 2019

Most of the civil services aspirants prepare well for the syllabus of IAS exam but they fail to withstand the current affairs preparation to that extent. This is because sometimes they lack the idea about important magazines for civil services exam. This cause a downshift in the score of prelims and thus people fail to make it possible for the mains exam. Here are some of the quality tips that can boost your confidence for the exam especially to prepare current affairs.

Importance of current affairs in IAS prelims and mains

The IAS prelims and mains both the stages are based upon the current affairs mostly and if someone manages to prepare for them half of the preparation is done. So do not show a casual approach towards the preparation of current affairs and try to know about the best newspaper for IAS exam from experts.

This will guide you in right direction for the exam and you will be able to understand the current topics with depth study. Importance of current affairs is not limited just to prelims only but at the same time mains and interview are also inclined towards current affairs mostly.

Expert Suggestions for preparing current affairs for UPSC exam

Here are few Tips for IAS Current Affairs Preparation that can prepare you very well for exam. Do follow these suggestions and manage a good score in your prelims and mains exam easily.

  1. Avoid reading local news that is not related to any big issue.
  2. Do not busy yourself in more than one newspaper and bunch of magazines rather opt for single newspaper and couple of important magazines.
  3. Stick to the national and international current affairs with much attention.
  4. Do not go on making notes from newspapers it will eat your time like a termite.
  5. Your current affair preparation must be regular by reading newspaper and not a compilation of the news.
  6. Try to connect the news with theoretical part of the exam how different topics are associated with the current situations.

How to choose best newspaper and magazines for civil services exam?

The civil services exam is a prestigious and renowned level exam in India and standard level questions are asked for current affairs part. These questions address national and international issues of utmost significance. So it is the duty of the aspirants to opt for a magazine and newspaper that deal these issues primarily. You can go through the topper’s experiences and suggestions for Best Resources for IAS Exam Preparation given by them.