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Admission open!!!

New Batch Of Public Administration(IAS 2022-23) is Scheduled to begin on 7th January 2022.Admission in Progress. Join Now !!!

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What are the Best You Tube Channels for Preparing IAS

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There are Coaching Institutes For IAS in Jaipur and throughout the country which are preparing the students for civil services exam. But still the online study material also imparts a major role in the preparation of this exam. Today we cannot remain limited to the printed material only. It is true that huge number of resources for IAS preparatio... Read Full Article

What is the Approximate Fee for IAS Coaching

Posted By : Sajjan Pratap Singh | Published at April 26, 2019
The IAS exam coaching in Jaipur is reliable to the students in quality as well as for financial purposes. The best coaching teachers are giving help to the students in IIIASA at the rational prices for fee. There are coaching institutes which are bragging to be the best coaching provider for UPSC civil services and thus charges huge chunks of mon... Read Full Article