Next Batch for general Studies is slated to begin on 25th June 2019. Admission Open!

Next Batch for Public Administration is slated to begin on 25th June 2019 – Admission Open!

IAS 2017-18 ( Final results) – Adarsh Pachera ( IIIASA 2013 – 14 Batch) Rank 231, Vikash Aswal ( IIIASA 2014- 15 Batch) Rank 1027, Garima ( IIIASA 2014 Batch) 726 and seven others have made it to Civil Services. I Congratulations to all of them.

Special Guidance programme for promotional exams ( serving Govt. Officials) is schedule to begin on 25th June 2019.

IAS 2018 – 19, (Mains)Test series for Public Administration is in progress. Join Now!

IAS 2018- 19, (Foundation course) General Studies batch is in progress.

Stress management during IAS preparation

Posted By : Sajjan Pratap Singh | Published at May 21, 2019
We all know that IAS is one of the toughest exams that are conducted by the UPSC every year for the recruitment of candidates in civil services. The long duration of the exam requires a continuous and comprehensive approach of the students towards their preparation but many of them fail to deal with the dress and back-out from the exam. If you are ... Read Full Article