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Out of old and new version of NCERT Books which is best for IAS

Every civil services aspirant is well known of the fact that they have to go through the NCERT books for building the foundation of their concept. If you want to know that How NCERT Books are the Best Friends of IAS Aspirants then it can be seen in the way how they are useful in enhancing the clarity of the concepts. Here are the few tips available for the civil services aspirants for reading NCERT books.

Importance of NCERT books for civil services exam

The importance of NCERT books for civil services exam can be seen easily with the need of clearing concepts with minute care. If you are planning to crack civil services in short duration then you have to understand that how to prepare for civil services prelims in 2 month as well as for the mains. The best answer to this question is NCERT books both old and new version as per individual subject.

How to choose between old and new NCERT books for IAS study?

Those who are in a need to know that which the best resources are for IAS exam can read the NCERT books. There are two versions of these books one is the older version while another is newer one. Some of the topics are given best in the old NCERT books at the same time many of them are covered better in new NCERT. That is why IAS aspirants are supposed to read the both of them for the better understanding of the things.

Useful books and resources for UPSC civil services exam

There are so many resources that are useful for the civil services exam and NCERT imparts a good role in the list or collection of books that help students to prepare for the UPSC civil services exam. This is because they are written by keeping the every sort of student in mind and known for the simple language and clear concepts. Students who are trying to start from the simple to complex stage can follow the NCERT books or older and newer format easily by buying them or downloading through online resources.

This is how the preparation of the IAS exam of UPSC civil services can be completed through NCERT especially for the basic reading. Through these concepts new argument can be developed by the aspirant easily when they are clear with the basics.