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Out of IAS and IES which is better for an Engineer

Millions of aspirants appear in IAS and IES exam conducted by UPSC every year. IAS Coaching center in Jaipur like IIIASA prepares students to crack these exams with best preparation and study resources. The IAS and IES both the exams are conducted differently by UPSC to select the candidates for most prestigious positions of the nation in the execution of government schemes and policies.

IES exam is conducted for the selection of candidates for technical fields while IAS for the administration positions. Foundation Classes For IAS in Jaipur by IIIASA is helping students to crack the tough exam easily. While IAS stands for Indian administrative Services IES stands for Indian Engineering Services. Here are the guidance for students to choose out of IAS and IES.

What should be considered by an Engineer while choosing out of IAS and IES?

An Engineer student in the state of confusion to choose out of IAS and IES for UPSC preparation must consider his interests as primary. This is because when a work is done with interest it is always best as compared to the one done under certain limits of career opportunities. There is no doubt that IAS officers have vast number of opportunities to serve the nation as compared to IES which is limited to a specific field.

But when you have aptitude for IES then do not opt for IAS just because the reason people are asking you to do that. Crash Course Classes For IAS in Jaipur by IIIASA also considers the interests of students while suggesting them to choose the best field in UPSC.

Why IES is opted by many Engineers over IAS for UPSC

IES that stands for Indian Engineering Services give a lesser competition to the engineer students as compared to IAS. This is because the minimum qualification for appearing in the IES exam is Bachelors’ of Engineering. There is no such requirement is needs for IAS where students from all the streams having graduate degree can appear in the IAS exam easily. So chances of success in IES for the students a bit higher as compared to that of in IAS.

But many students who have done Engineering prefer to take IAS because of their interests in it. This is completely fine to choose something that you want to do irrespective of the fact whether you have to put in a bit extra hard work to achieve it. Civil Services Coaching Help in Jaipur by IIIASA to the students prepare for the challenges that students faces throughout the preparation of UPSC exam.

Where to get the Help for UPSC Preparation in Jaipur

In case you are looking for the best IAS coaching center for civil services preparation in Jaipur, IIIASA is the best coaching center for this purpose. This is because you are getting interaction with highly brilliant minds of the country giving coaching to the students. A calm place to prepare for the toughest exam of the nation is provided by the team of IIIASA in Jaipur.

So if you are preparing for IAS or IES in Jaipur get in touch with these highly professional people by joining IIIASA anytime. IES students can get basic help for their IES exam preparation from the teachers of IIIASA. So whatever you pick out of IAS or IES it does not matter the only thing that matters for the students is how to prepare for the exam.