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Is the latest legislative assembly results are the Slap for BJP?

Recently we have state legislative assembly elections over five states in India in which both dominating political parties of the country that is UPA and NDA were in cut-throat competition. The result goes in the favor of opposition party UPA and leaves a big smack on the ruling BJP party. This is a very serious and important national political issue which can be included in the IAS 2019 exam. So if you are an aspirant of civil services 2019 then you should know that how to read editorial of newspaper for this issue. This is how you can make it possible to crack the exam easily without any problem.

Importance of analysis of latest legislative assembly elections for UPSC aspirants

The latest current affairs that are associated with IAS prelims and mains are more or less majorly inclined towards political affairs. The biggest shuffle in the assembly elections can be seen in 2018 for UPA and BJP that went in UPA favor. So it is important for the aspirants of civil services to prepare on this topic which is a burning issue for UPSC prelims 2019 and mains as well. Talking about the analysis of the topic we can say that NDA should learn from the mistakes committed that gave such results to them and UPA should work in harmony in these states for development.

How to analyze the editorial of newspaper for current affairs and why?

in order to analyze a given article or topic first, you should have a fair idea about the facts and information regarding it. You cannot understand every phase and truth of the topic until you have no idea about it. If we consider the issue of political upheaval that takes place recently with the win of UPA in all major states we can say that it is a mirror for the weakness and mistakes of NDA then led them down in the line. Learning from mistakes and rising from ashes is the identity of a good person and party and so is the case with politics. NDA has to prepare with strong policies for the next election. At the same time results also shows the faith of people in UPA still alive and we cannot say it is dead as rumor were in the air after the 2014 general assembly polls. It is a vicious way of victory and failures in every field of life and we should accept them wholeheartedly as part of our life.