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Is Luck Matters in IAS Exam and Interview

It is a never ending debate to talk on the issue of luck and its role in the success of IAS exam. It is purely a matter of believe for individual soul. The basic thing that is going to work for the students is their hard work for the IAS exam preparation. No luck is higher than the hard work. There are students who can make their luck with their work. IAS Coaching Jaipur given by IIIASA does not believe in the role of luck in the success. Those who have faith in this side can also not depend upon their luck solemnly as well said by someone that “God help them who help themselves”. So if you are not putting in any effort and believe that you are going to crack this exam, then you might be living in misconceptions. Here are the reasons which are going to clear that cracking IAS exam preparation and success in it is not an affair of success at any reason.

Why it is not possible to Crack the IAS exam on the basis of Fate

We all know that there are total three phases of the exam. In every phase there is a long process to go through by the students. It is not possible to the fate for have the effect on all these exams conducted in three parts. Foundation Courses For IAS Exam prepare the students to crack it ad hard work is the real luck of the students that can help them in the exam. Those who believe in the fact that they will get the success without doing nothing and starts involving in the affairs like visiting fake saints and filling their pockets never achieve success. There must be a strong motive in the students to do something for the nation only then UPSC exam preparation could be done in a better way.

Things that are must for Success in IAS

The must avoided thing is to rely on the fate and not doing hard work for the civil services exam. This is completely fine that you have a faith on the luck and all these but it does not mean that you do not need to work at all for the exam. Such students have to put their head in their hand at the end of the day when they encounter failures. Civil Services Exam Coaching should be a move of the students in order to crack the exam at its early. There could be an increase in the competition with every year delay to start your exam preparation. So, if you are interested in such affairs to have the failures again and again better to continue your old circle, otherwise have a lesson from the failures and starts working hard from this moment only. IAS coaching center IIIAS in Jaipur can give you the best help in your preparation of UPSC civil services exam.

How to avoid the trivial Mistakes for IAS Exam Preparation

Students commit many mistakes at every step during their preparation of IAS and best IAS coaching in Jaipur that is IIIASA guide them at every point. These mistakes are like reading more than one newspaper for the exam and spend half of the day there. Giving too much focus to the easy subjects because they are favourite for the students is also dangerous.