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Is Good Handwriting and English is Compulsory for IAS Exam

Good English and handwriting both have their own role in the preparation of civil services exam by the aspirants. Students can take Best IAS Coaching Jaipur to learn these skills in IIIASA. But it is not that much important to learn English and instead of preparing for the IAS exam you plunge in English speaking courses. The only need of English language arises to understand the content that is not translated in Hindi on internet.

But this issue could also be override by the students by joining coaching centre for civil services like IIIASA which is providing translated material to the students. Here is a brief information given to the students regarding the importance of English and good handwriting in civil services exam. So make sure that you are using this information to prepare accordingly for the exam of IAS.

Role of Good Handwriting in the Mains Exam of Civil Services

As we all are mindful about the pattern of UPSC in which prelims is objective in nature and thus no role of handwriting. But as we talk about the IAS mains exam it is of descriptive type which requires writing skills in the students. It is very important to have good writing skills and fast speed of writing to complete the lengthy paper of IAS prelims. Civil services foundation coaching classes help students to develop these skills throughout the course. That is why most of the candidate who have taken coaching from the prestigious coaching institutes of Jaipur like IIIASA can make it possible to succeed in the exam in just one attempt.

How English Impart a Role in the Preparation of IAS Exam

English is not a big block in the way of UPSC civil services aspirants as candidates are not judged on the basis of their language in civil services exam. IAS coaching Jaipur given by IIIAS provide translated study material to the students in both English and Hindi. Separate English and Hindi coaching classes for IAS are also given to the students by the teachers of IIIASA to prepare thoroughly for the exam. With the help of experts students can crack their exam in just one go. So get rid of the challenge to learn English and get study material in Hindi or in the language you are comfortable with.

Is It Necessary to Learn English for IAS Interview?

This is a common fact about IAS which is known to every aspirant who is preparing seriously for the exam that IAS interview could be given in any language as per the comfort of the student. So if you want to choose Hindi for the Interview of Civil Services Exam there will be no restriction from the UPSC to do so. At the same time students who are comfortable with English can pick English as the language for interview. More if a student has opted for English and use Hindi in between then there will be no issue regarding this as well. To cap it all we can say those candidates are not checked by the language but their wit only.

So prepare your exam in such a way that you have the knowledge about more and more things and do not keep the pressure of language in your mind.