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Important current affairs about Rafale fighter Jet controversy for IAS

Published: 17-Dec-2018 Last Edited: 11-Jan-2019
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Important current affairs about Rafale fighter Jet controversy for IAS

Rafale controversy is not hidden from the public in India so far in which ruling NDA party government is questioned by the opposition again and again. It has been become a big issue so far and IAS aspirants are supposed to have every idea about Rafale controversy. IAS prelims exam 2019 and mains both can include questions on this hot topic. That is why just, have a look on the following facts to know about it in depth.

What is Rafale deal and its controversy?

The requirement of fighter jet Rafale for defence was there from a long time and that is why government set a deal with France Company to manufacture these jets for Indian defence. Opposition party is objecting the deal since the date it is finalized for the corruption and allege the industrialist of reliance group to gain the illegal benefits of this deal with the friendship of PM of India.

Several times this question has been raised by the president of UPA on various occasions. The Supreme Court asks the closed information in envelope about the Rafale deal from government which is provided by the NDA government. But now again UPA is questioning the authenticity of the information given to the court and want joint parliamentary committee to look after the issue by investigation.

Important things to know about the Rafale fighter jet deal

Rafale fighter jet agreement is signed under a memorandum of understanding with French government by the government of India. Under this memorandum French company will provide the fighter jet to Indian defence system with advance technology. Anil Amabani, the CEO of Reliance industry who is alleged to acquire illegal gain from the deal lodge a demotion suit on the news channel putting this headline.

The JPC is demanded to investigate the matter by opposition to reach the reality about the controversy of the deal which says that benefits are provided to the reliance groups by PMO of India. You should know about these facts if you are preparing for the exam of IAS. Updated syllabus of IAS exam also include such important points in the prelims and mains.

Why IAS aspirants needs to know about the Rafale Jet and controversy

It has been become a national and international issue and every student of UPSC exam should know about it. This is because questions can be there from this topic in the prelims as well as mains. You can read the best newspapers for IAS exam to understand the issue in deeper sense