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Importance of CSAT for Civil Services Prelims

The civil services exam consists of two stages in the prelims which are general studies and CSAT. Where general studies paper decides the merit of the exam, CSAT is just qualifying nature. But still aspirants cannot afford to ignore the importance of CSAT in civil services prelims because the general studies paper is not checked by the UPSC until aspirant qualifies the CSAT.

Why CSAT paper of civil services is important for the aspirants?

As the general studies paper in the UPSC prelims is not checked by the examiner until you have passed the CSAT exam it is very crucial to prepare for this aptitude paper with same passion. Basic maths and reasoning along with English vocabulary is asked from the aspirants in this paper. So if you have any doubt about the fact that how to prepare for IAS prelims exam then do focus your study on the CSAT apart from general studies paper.

Syllabus of the UPSC civil services aptitude exam

The syllabus of CSAT exam is very important to know to the students. This is because with the help of syllabus they will be able to do the smart study. Reading everything which is not going to be asked in the exam is ridiculous and does not make much sense. That is why it is very important that you have a good idea about what is going to be the part of the civil services aptitude test in the prelims of IAS exam. That is how the chances of qualifying it can be raised to a great extent by the students.

Tips for preparing CSAT paper 2 of Prelims in IAS exam

If you want tips for CSAT preparation then here are few of them given below. Try to follow each one of them to enhance your score in the prelims.

  1. Prepare according to the syllabus of the exam.
  2. Try to take the mock test before going to exam hall it will help you to solve questions with speed.
  3. Do not think much about attempting all the questions as it is not going to give you extra benefit to score near 80 percent.
  4. Make sure that you are not overconfident and attempt every question with proper calculation and thinking twice about the answer.
  5. You should attempt the easy question to set the minimum score at first go while solving the question booklet of the CSAT paper in UPSC exam.

This is how the success in the civil services aptitude exam can be gained by the aspirants of exam.