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The distinct identity of this educational institution lies in its philosophy of teaching. Away from the cut and thrust of competition which very often leads to shift of focus from teaching to marketing, IIIASAkeeps core teaching and learning in the center where the courses begin with an assumption that students know nothing and gradually it assumes momentum to conform to the standard required. This strategy has always proved itself given the performance of the students. It is to be noted that students who come from different academic background may not be equally conversant with subjects like polity,economy,history,geography and science etc. Therefore, one needs to give adequate time to build foundation so that the environmental developments around could be appreciated.

It is a painstaking exorcise which demand professional competence, high level of energy and a genuine willingness to see the students growing. Unfortunately, most of the institutes fail to do so, more particularly the Brands based in Delhi. Their faculties keep running from one branch to another which means you are pulled in different directions and your preparation gets fragmented. It is history for 10 days then Geography for 15 days ……………and so on.

At IIIASA, things are totally different. It takes 8 to 9 months of rigorous preparation
Which includes meticulously designed movement from a simple interactive session to the advanced stage characterized by interdisciplinary analysis of issues in public domain.

Further, the high quality of education at IIIASA ( Jaipur) which has no branch, emanates from the fact that Mr. Sajjan Pratap Singh, the Director, himself leads from the forefront to provide a firm foundation to you preparation for IAS. A member of Rajasthan High Court and the former Editor of a national magazine, he remains unparalleled in the realm of IAS coaching. No doubt, accompanied by a team of accomplished faculties, IIIASA provides the most conducive environment for Civil Services preparation.
Further IIIASA is among few coaching institutes in India let alone Jaipur which enjoys the rare distinction of training senior Govt. Officials successfully.
IIIASA is the only coaching institute in Jaipur which submitted, with due acknowledgement, a comprehensive reformist agenda for Civil Services in India to no less than our honorable Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi.
IIIASA, therefore is rated as the best IAS coaching institute Jaipur by students particularly in the wake of the changing pattern of examination which focus more on environmental dynamism.
Besides General studies, IIIASA remains unmatched in Public Administration coaching and in the recent past the Institute has returned many toppers with the highest ‘ success to enrollment’ ratio.