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IAS Subjects List for Prelims

The syllabus of UPSC civil services prelims exam is divided into two parts based on the number of exam in prelims stage. Aspirants have to go through general studies paper and then second paper is for aptitude that is CSAT. General studies paper which decide the benchmark of the aspirants and their entry to the mains and CSAT is just for the qualifying purpose. Here is a complete list of subjects for IAS prelims given below for those who are burning midnight oil to crack this prestigious exam.

Syllabus of general studies and CSAT for IAS Prelims

The division of the UPSC prelims syllabus into two parts that is general studies and aptitude paper can be seen very clearly. Here we will discuss about the subjects list in both the paper individually.

General studies subjects for UPSC Prelims

  1. Geography
  2. Economics
  3. Polity
  4. Environmental sciences
  5. History
  6. Science and technology
  7. Indian national movements
  8. Current affairs and major important issues

List of subjects or topics in CSAT paper of IAS

  1. Interpersonal communication skills that is verbal and non verbal
  2. Reasoning both analytical and logical
  3. Decision making ability
  4. Expertise in solving situations
  5. Numeracy of class tenth level
  6. Data and diagram analysis along with their interpretation
  7. Understanding of different relations
  8. English comprehensions and vocabulary

These are the major subjects which are to be given attention by those who are trying hard to qualify for the IAS prelims exam.

How to prepare for the different subjects of IAS prelims exam

As we can see the list of subjects is very long for the aspirants of civil services exam in India and that is why proper planning is needed on the part of students. Sufficient time should be given for every subject so that no topic left untouched for the exam. The mistake of ignoring complex sections must not be committed by the IAS aspirants and they are supposed to impart more time in such topics. The subject you find difficult to study must be prepared with the professional guidance of easy text books and videos.

Topper’s advice and tips for Civil services prelims exam study at home

There are many toppers who finished the preparation of IAS prelims exam at home through self study. Tips for IAS prelims preparation can be taken from these toppers online through their videos and interview and then by following their guidelines the chance success can be raised. It is not important to sit and hold your books for 14-16 hours and reading nothing. Better to give the quality time in reading and save the rest for your other tasks like doing recreational things to refresh your mind. Do not make yourself over hectic as it will put your study on backfoot.