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How to start IAS Preparation during graduation

Those who are eager to serve in the administration should start gearing up for the preparation of IAS exam from graduation. You should have a clear idea about how to prepare for IAS exam after 12th and which are the resources for it. Here are a few tips regarding the study of civil services exam during graduation that will help you to prepare for the exam in the best way.

Chose the best course during graduation for IAS preparation

If you have set your goal to appear in the IAS exam from your graduation days then opt for a relevant subject as per the syllabus of the exam. You should pick humanities as your course which is the best graduation course for IAS preparation. History, Economics, Geography, Environment, Polity, and social science is going to dominate a big section of the paper. As a result of which opting science and commerce are not in your favor if your goal is focused.

Understand the syllabus of the exam and prepare your current affairs

Current affairs are very important to prepare for the exam of UPSC civil services. As a result of which you cannot skip them at any cost. Try to find the best newspapers and magazines for the IAS exam that can help you to crack this section of the exam easily. If you will start reading newspapers on graduation days your critical skills will increase to a great level which is crucial for the exam. Have a look at the UPSC exam syllabus before preparing for it to do smart work.

Decide an optional subject for the IAS mains exam

When you have decided the goal of becoming a civil servant it is crucial to opt for the optional paper of IAS mains exam. The optional paper is of utmost importance in the civil services exam as it plays a significant role in your success. So decide with the help of your teachers by keeping your interest in mind that which optional subject is good for IAS exam.  That is how you can make it possible to focus on the concepts and fundamentals of this subject from your graduation time.

These are a few important things that will help you to prepare for the UPSC civil services exam during college days. IAS coaching center IIIASA is Jaipur is helping students to crack the exam in the first go. So those who are living in the city can join this coaching institute to get the exposure for the exam from talented brains of the country which have helped so many aspirants of IAS to achieve their dream.