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How to read Current Affairs for UPSC Exam 2018

Published: 11-Jun-2018 Last Edited: 11-Jun-2018
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How to read Current Affairs for UPSC Exam 2018

Current affairs are very crucial for the IAS civil services exam conducted by UPSC. IAS Current Affairs Coaching Jaipur to the students by IIIASA is also helpful to deal with the different types of current affairs. Be that prelims exam of the UPSC exam of mains current affairs knowledge is required at every step from the students. So if you are preparing for this exam make sure that help from the expert teachers of IIIASA is a part of your preparation. High quality study material for the IAS exam along with separated crash course classes for civil services exam are given to the students by coaching centres of Jaipur. Those who have difficulty regarding the selection of resources can seek help from the faculty of the coaching academy like IIIASA in Jaipur.

Best way to read the Newspapers for Current Affairs

Majority of the experts are going to suggest the newspapers like THE Hindu and Indian Express for English students of IAS in the IAS Foundation Classes’ Courses. Other who are preparing in Hindi for the civil services exam can refer to some resources suggested by their teachers in the coaching centre. The best thing about the newspaper is that they bring news from national and international level. If you are a civil services aspirant make sure that your way of reading the newspapers is appropriate.

For that you must have the idea of civil services exam syllabus and whenever that syllabus related issues are spotted on the newspaper they could be given more attention. This way healthy preparation could be completed with the help of newspapers only. There are always 15-20 question papers in the prelims exam that covers newspapers and current affairs. So it is very important to devote sufficient time for current affair section in the civil services exam preparation.

Which Magazine and Journals are good for IAS current Affairs Study?

There is mainly two magazine or journals that are referred by the experts to prepare for the civil services exam. One is known as Yojna which keep the information regarding the various schemes and polices of the government from time to time. The other magazine or journal on rural development is known as Kurukshetra which is again a government schemes based journal. Both are very much renowned for the preparation of civil services exam. So if you want to prepare for the exam seriously it is very important to read these journals thoroughly. They will not take much of your time as their length is very short and could be complete in a single day or two at the maximum. Civil services coaching for current affairs are also important for this type of preparation with the guidance of expert teachers in IIIASA coaching centre Jaipur.

How to read the Editorial in Newspapers

The editorial section of the newspapers is very important for the aspirants of civil services because main exam cannot be written without having the critical skills of students. This editorial gives a complete understanding of the current affairs and their critical analysis in detail. Civil Services Coaching mains exam teaches students to go through this editorial in the newspapers. Those who want to gain success early can follow the way of analysing these topics in the editorial to raise their critical and analytical skills.

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