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Posted By : Sajjan Pratap Singh | Published at May 2, 2019

The rising completion in the civil services exam is making the fray very tough for the students. That is why it becomes crucial to prepare for the exam after school. Here are few tips for preparing IAS exam after 12th to the aspirants. Just go through the tips provided by previous year’s toppers to enhance your chances of success.

Why it is important to learn civil services exam syllabus?

If you will not be aware of the syllabus of IAS exam how can you proceed further to make newspapers and current affairs relevant for your preparation? When the picture of the syllabus is in your mind you can better relate the thing with your syllabus. So at first place just have a look at the syllabus of the exam to further your preparation.

Important books for IAS exam preparation after 12th

Once the syllabus is done the next step is to find the books from where you can read those topics given in the syllabus. The best books for IAS exam must be known to you before gearing up for the exam. It is very difficult to crack this prestigious exam if you have no fair idea about the resources of the exam.

Current affairs preparation for UPSC civil services exam

The most crucial part of preparing for the civil services exam is to read the current affairs. There are so many newspapers and magazine for IAS current affairs that can be used for this purpose. You cannot afford to ignore reading regular newspapers to ensure the level of your success in the UPSC civil services exam. More chose your optional subject for IAS very wisely that you have interest in and start giving your focus on that subject as you have to be very much clear about your concept in that particular subject.

That is how the preparation of UPSC civil services exam can be started by the school students once they finish their 12th class. If you are also an aspirant for this prestigious exam and looking for best coaching center in Jaipur then IIIASA can be a good choice. Best IAS coaching center IIIASA in Jaipur is giving relevant guidance to the civil services aspirants. You can join the center after graduation or even after your school for part-time hours. That is how the chances of cracking this exam can be raised very easily by the UPSC civil services aspirants. To ensure the rate of success in IAS exam by preparing after your school.