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How to plan a day if you are UPSC / IAS Aspirant

The UPSC Exam Preparation is not a simple thing to the students which could be done easily. Proper time management is very important to achieve the success in this prestigious exam. Students can divide their time for study and other personal tasks. There should be a proper management of the precious time without wasting it. Aspirants can join a coaching center near to the residence so that time could be saved.

8 Hours Study on Regular Basis

Those who are taking IAS coaching for the preparation of civil services exam conducted by UPSC must be sure about minimum 8 hours for study. There are aspirants who claim to study for 18 plus hours which is not a truth actually. Human mind cannot focus on the things with concentration beyond 8-10 hours. Those who think that they are poor in understanding the concepts and take more time than average are supposed to devote some extra time. Maximum 10 hours in a day for every kind of student is more than enough to crack the exam. But this should be kept in mind that the time must be utilized by the students properly. Do not put any extra pressure on your mind and keep your social life alive to fresh the mind.

Proper Time for All the Subjects

The syllabus of UPSC prelims as well as mains is very vast. Studies for IAS require students to devote sufficient time for every single subject. Instead of reading every subject on daily basis it could be easier to divide the syllabus of every subject on week basis. This way one week could be given for the History and other for Economics. Weaker areas should be given more time as compared to those which students can manage easily without putting an extra effort. Help from the coaching institutes could also be taken to manage the subjects properly in the set time table by the students.

Newspaper Reading is must

It is very important for the aspirants of civil services exam to keep in touch with the current affairs. Even current affairs classes are also available to the students in civil services coaching. The section of current affairs form a major part of the exam and students cannot afford to ignore this important arena. Full two hours are very important on regular basis for reading a newspaper. It must be noticed that reading news is entirely different to that of newspaper. As far as news is concerned it could be grabbed through newspapers and television channels. But newspapers add on extra benefits regarding research and small terms of different disciplines. Ignoring newspapers means a huge lose in the marks of Civil Services Exam.

Revision and Note Making Time

At the end of the day when entire course of study decided by the students is finished time should be there for revision. While preparing the time table for study aspirants must notice the importance of revision that they have read throughout the day. Most of the students ignore this dimension of the study and show laziness in making notes. Of course nobody can prepare the notes of entire syllabus in length but short notes and term must be managed for revision in later stages as well. Students can seek help of best coaching institute IIIASA for civil services.