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How to memorize lengthy syllabus for IAS Exam

Before start preparing for the exam of civil services, it is very important to memorize the syllabus of exam. The main reason behind this purpose is to prepare in a strategy with the coaching centers’ teachers. IAS Coaching Jaipur is also given by the experienced teachers for this purpose in IIIASA. Suppose you are reading newspaper regularly but how could you decide the importance of terms and stud given in these newspapers. Various editorials are written by the researchers on regular basis in newspapers, when you have memorized the syllabus, it will help you to connect it with the preparation. Civil services help for prelims as well as mains could be taken by the aspirants to know the way of leaning UPSC syllabus.

Importance of Leaning the Syllabus of IAS

When you will learn the syllabus of both prelims as well as mains, it will get easier for you to start your preparation with solid base. As students when doing their study will be able to understand the syllabus that is included in both prelims and mains. Such section needs to be given an extra attention by the students. But if the syllabus is not memorized in that case it becomes difficult to understand the relation between two same topics given in both mains and prelims syllabus. IAS coaching for mains exam make students well versed in the syllabus from the very beginning. Students can follow the same tips for optional subject paper in mains exam. Public admin coaching help is given by the best teachers in IIIASA for this purpose. Apart from public admin other subjects’ syllabus could also be learned with proper strategy in IIIASA.

Best way to learn the Civil Services Exam Syllabus for both Prelims and Mains

In case you are thinking of learning the syllabus of Civil Services Exam for both prelims as well as mains, foundation course classes for IAS in Jaipur can help you in this task. Tips will be given by the coaching centers teachers that will make it easy to memorize the syllabus. Students often mug up the syllabus if IAS which they forget soon after a week or month. But if it is learned with proper planning, you will be able to remember it for long time. Some context could be generated in regards to the syllabus to keep it remember by heart. Optional paper coaching Jaipur given to the students also deal with the learning of its syllabus in first.

Mistakes that Students Commit while Memorizing the Syllabus of Civil Services Exam

There are students who commit major mistakes while memorizing the syllabus of civil services exam. These mistakes are like cramming the syllabus which does not last in the memory for long time. Similarly most of the students do not memorize it by comparing different papers syllabus, which is very important. Crash Course For IAS given by IIIASA in Jaipur helps students to learn the syllabus apart from preparing for the exam. Separate Hindi and English medium classes are given to the students in crash course.

Tips for Memorizing the UPSC Civil Services Syllabus

  1. Try to memorize the syllabus by comparing it with other subjects. For example same topics are repeated in prelims and mains, students can make a comparison to remember them for longer time.
  2. Always create a context to the situation in syllabus, in this way syllabus of UPSC could be learned easily by the students.
  3. You can take a pen and paper to write the syllabus just for the sake of checking it whether you have memorized it or not.