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How to make notes from NCERT Books for IAS

If you are an IAS aspirant then it should very clear in your mind that NCERT books are very crucial for the exam. The importance of NCERT books for civil services exam can be considered from the fact that a big section of paper is from these books. So you have to give full attention in reading all the books of NCERT and prepare good notes for the exam according to the syllabus of IAS exam. Have a look on the following tips for making notes for IAS from NCERT books.

Importance of NCERT Books for UPSC civil services exam

NCERT books are said to be the basic readings for the UPSC civil services exam. Those who do not bother reading these books owing to the less idea about best books and resources for IAS examhave to suffer a lot. These books are going to make your concepts very clear in precise manner. So try to make it your primary go for the preparation of the IAS prelims as well as mains exam.

How to make notes from NCERT books for Prelims and Mains of IAS exam?

Now the question arise that once you are done with the reading these books how to make notes from NCERT books for IAS exam. Here are few tips that are going to help you in making good notes for the exam.

  1. Read the concept of the topic in the book and understand its fundamentals.
  2. Now take your notebook and write whatever you remember in first two reading about the concept of topic, only that much stuff is important.
  3. Never go on adding examples in your notes at they will make the notes bulkier like that of book and there will be no difference between book and notes.
  4. Try to keep your hand written notes font as small as you can write and easy to read for you.

Important points to keep in mind while reading NCERT books for UPSC exam

While preparing your notes from NCERT books for UPSC civil services exam you can compare the same topic in different books as well. That is how you are putting a complied concept at one place to make it easy to understand the topic in one time during revision. Take out a note on the terms you do not understand and try solving then at the end of the day by managing time for them.