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How Political Science can be best optional for IAS

When it comes to choose an optional subject for the mains exam of UPSC civil services students becomes confused about it. Several questions arise in their mind like Which Optional Subject Should be Taken for IAS and why. Here are some reasons why expert and toppers of IAS suggest political science as the best optional subject for IAS.

How to choose an optional subject for UPSC exam?

While choosing a subject for your IAS mains optional paper you have to be very much dynamic about the syllabus. Always opt for an optional who gives you maximum benefit in the prelims and mains both. So if you have no idea about how to choose an optional subject for UPSC papers go through the expert’s vision for this purpose. That is how you can solve you issue of selecting a best subject for the exam to crack it.

Why political science is considered as the best optional for IAS aspirants?

Political science is a subject which covers a big range of prelims and well as mains syllabus. Current political state of national and international affairs helps students to prepare for the general studies paper. At the same time they can easily prepare through the mains if political science is their optional paper subject. Those who have no idea about why political science is best optional for IAS can take the single from here. You do not have to prepare for the polity current affairs when you are writing your mains exam in the mentioned subject.

Benefits of political science as optional paper subject in civil services

Likewise said earlier political science gives the civil services aspirants a lucrative choice to minimize their pressure for separately preparing for current affairs of polity. There are many questions in the prelims as well as mains exam which are based on the polity of India and world and aspirants having polity as their UPSC civil services optional subject can get through this challenge easily.

So if you are roaming around for getting the best suggestions from the expert brains then they are definitely going to give you these tips of picking up political science for mains exam. This will enhance the chances of selection in the exam many times higher as students find enough time for reading other things regarding the exam which earlier were skipping due to the shortage of time.