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How many Times a Person can give IAS Exam

It is a challenge to crack civil services exam for the IAS aspirants owing to the difficulty of syllabus. But limited number of IAS attempts makes it more difficult to the student’s especially from general category. IAS Coaching Jaipur makes it possible to the students to crack the exam in the initial few attempts so that further attempts could be saved easily. Here is some information regarding the number of attempts that students can appear for the civil services exam of IAS. Go through these details to understand the eligibility with crystal clarity.

Number of Attempts Allowed to the Aspirants for IAS Exam

The candidates who appear in the IAS exam belong to different categories and UPSC has different criteria for the aspirants of different categories. That is why we cannot generalise the fact for all the students that there are these numbers of attempts for which students can freely appear in the exam. But if you want to crack the exam fast civil services coaching for IAS Jaipur is important for you. So take this coaching if you want to crack the exam by saving your further attempts in UPSC.

Relaxation Criteria for SC and ST IAS Aspirants to Appear in the Exam

Those who belong to the general category can appear only for six times in the UPSC civil services exam. Thus these students have the need to take foundation coaching classes for IAS exam from the reputed institute for Civil Services Jaipur that is IIIASA. Those who are from the other backward classes’ category can appear in the exam for 9 times as they have 9 attempts allowed by the UPSC. Talking about the SC and ST candidates there is no limit of attempt for these people until they cross the age of 37. So it is always a benefit to be an SC and ST candidate in UPSC as they have no limit for the attempts to appear in the exam.

What could be done to crack the exam early to save Attempts?

As the number of attempts for the civil services exam are limited especially for General and other backward classes it is always advised to the aspirant to seek crash course classes for civil services from the IAS coaching centre IIIASA in Jaipur. The guidance from the best faculty to read the resources and providing study material for the UPSC civil services can save the time and number of attempts that students have to appear in civil services exam. So if you are also preparing for this prestigious exam make sure that separate English and Hindi coaching classes for IAS as per your need are joined by you in Jaipur.

By going through the above highlights it is very obvious that UPSC civil services aspirants who belong to the general category have to crack the exam in just 6 attempts. It means high efforts on the side of these people have to be made so that >UPSC Civil Services Exam could be cracked within these given attempts. IAS prelims and Mains exam coaching by IIIASA is given to the students by the expert teachers in Jaipur. Students who are new and preparing for the first attempt must join such coaching centres for their preparation as high quality study material and help in clarity of concepts make students to crack the exam mostly in first attempt.