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Do IAS and IPS officers live luxury life

The purpose of IAS exam preparation for an IAS officer is not to live a luxury life; they are dedicated for the welfare of society through different way. Of course they have a great reverence in the society and among people and highly respected in their field. Apart from that they have good pay scales and accommodations provided by the governments. But the people to aspire to be an IAS officer for the sake of having all this luxury life can look after some other types of business as well. As those who want to serve for their motherland are only entertained by the members of board during the interview selection round. Nobody is smart enough to befool the experienced board members of the interview. That is why one must be sincere towards imparting his role as an IAS officer apart from having the dreams of a luxury life. Take help of the teachers from Best IAS Coaching Institute In Jaipur at IIIASA.

Services provided to the IAS Officers after they complete their Training

After the completion of IAS exam and gaining success in it, students have to undergo a training period for having the skills to discharge their duty properly. Foundation course for IAS Exam preparations given to the student inculcate many skills in the students to undergo this training session easily. This training is given to the students by expert teachers who are professionals in administration services. So if you are an aspirant who is looking for the honest duty as an IAS officer only then keep your preparation up as the people in disguise of honesty wants luxury life can lose the chance to crack this exam.IAS coaching institutes are also helping students not to bring such trivial thoughts in their mind.

What should be the Primary Goal of an IAS Officer?

The most primary goal that an IAS officer must have is the service for society. It is the only reason for which he is getting all the respect from the people around him. A person who fails to discharge his duty as an IAS officer could be considered as not to fit for his duty. UPSC Exam Preparation must not be done for the purpose of gaining a restful life that can give you a respect and lot of power. Of course they are the part of this position but misusing them to satisfy own anguishes is not a good idea for anyone. So have a check on the social evils that are prevalent in our Indian society being an IAS officer. Also check the status of health, education and communication sector in the rural areas. You will be able to do all this by taking civil services exam coaching Jaipur, so do not waste the time and join a best IAS coaching center in Jaipur that is IIIASA.

How to Impart a Proper Duty by an IAS Officer in India

To discharge the duty as an IAS officer one must be very particular and specific towards his role as an IAS officer. Most of the people are unaware of this truth that still there are IAS officers who are being guided by the political to work under their line of cross. Under such cases corruptions troubles rises in the area. An IAS officer must be free of all such types of duties which can decrease the corruption from the society.