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Difference between Indian Administrative services and Indian Engineering services

Union Public Service Commission conducts IAS and IES exam every year in the month of June and which continue throughout the year. Candidates are recruited for the administrative and engineering services from these exams respectively. So if you are also preparing for IAS or IES then it is wise to understand the IAS Vs IES difference. You cannot decide to prepare for the civil services exam of Union public service commission by seeing the lifestyle of an IAS officer or IES officer but by understanding the difference in the type of work you have to perform. Even if you are from an engineering profile it is possible to prepare for IAS so choose your career very carefully.

What is the major difference between IAS and IES exam of UPSC?

While IAS stands for Indian administrative services, on the contrary, IES stands for Indian Engineering services. Both the exams are conducted by the UPSC and every year candidates are recruited in the respective areas. The major difference between IAS and IES is the field in which they are recruited one is engineering field where professional engineer plays their significant role, on the other hand, IAS officers keep an eye on the administrative affairs of the country.

The difference in the eligibility criteria for IAS and IES exam

When we are talking about the IES exam then candidates who have done a graduate degree in engineering can only appear for the exam. On the other hand in case of IAS, any graduate can plunge in the more to get the button of administrative services of India. If you are preparing for UPSC then you should have a better idea about how to prepare for IAS and IES as well as per your respective field. But the difference between the two must be very much clear in your mind before you fill your preference in the form.

Which one is best out of IAS and IES exam of UPSC?

A lot of debates and buzz has been there about which is best out of Indian Administrative services and Indian Engineering services as well. As long as engineering services are concerned they can be performed by those who have professional knowledge but on the other hand, IAS can be given by anyone who is graduates. So we can say that on comparing between IAS and IES that which is best out of IAS and IES we can say that administrative services give opportunities to the more people than IES. But at the same time, we cannot afford to ignore the importance of IES which is giving professional engineers to the nation.